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10 Tips for Building Lean Muscle on a Vegan Diet

Develop lean muscle mass without a mass or cutting stage on a plant based diet plan.

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10 Tips for Building Lean Muscle on a Vegan Diet

Build lean muscle without a bulk or cutting phase on a plant based diet.

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10 Tips for Building Lean Muscle on a Vegan Diet — 33 Comments

  1. You should try gram flour (besan). It’s made of chickpeas and very high in protein and calories

  2. I had the gout plus congestive heart failure. Tried a plant based diet only because of the gout 7/8/16. Lost 30 lbs. in two months no more gout. But what is amazing is I was unable to walk in Walmart had to ride the handicap cars. I am now walking 2-3 miles on the beach. Cholesterol down blood pressure down feeling great. Unbelievable. Had no idea what meat dairy and eggs were doing to me. Will never eat it again ?

  3. I gained a lot of weight when I went to college and did a lot of metabolic damage to my body, before that I was an athlete and always have been naturally thin. Now that I have healed my body eating plant based I went back to naturally thin and I personally hate it, but since I don’t have gym access its hard to build muscle mass and gain weight. I was trying to eat surplus calories but honestly I was trying to force feed myself and miserable someone told me to check out this channel so I can gain weight off plant based foods and I’m so glad I did! Please make more videos of days you try to bulk and what you eat so I can have more examples 🙂

  4. Not fill up important space of calories with no nutritional value food. This mindset works for me

  5. meditate! it sounds cliche’ but reducing stress levels helps get off weight aswell!
    try it at least for 30seconds – 1minute before bed, just close your eyes while you’re laying down and focus on your breathing, for 1minute. shut off all lights and power down electronics. if you focus on ur breathing for 1minute you’ll get a better rest and i ensure you it will be a good feeling!

  6. Awesome video. Someone who speaks based on their own experiences rather than what the norm is. Thank you

  7. Hi, I love your channel! Thank you so much for sharing your family and your experiences with the world. I am new to your channel and have been living plant-based for about a year. my weight however has not changed, but my size is smaller. any tips on getting the scale to move? I weigh 168 now, would like to get to 150. thanks.

  8. Wait, what??? You have just 100g of protein a day??? :O I was thinking that I needed 90g at 140 lbs but would eat up to 120g just to be safe.

  9. Brilliant – I can’t afford the gym, so work out at home with hand weights and a lat pulldown bench that was given to me – and an ancient Bullworker would you believe? I lost some definition when I had to quit my gym, and nearly every vegan fitness vid on YooToob seems to be about body building, whereas I want to stay compact for the most part, add some muscle and definition.
    So a lot of the tips here are really good. And yes – I subscribed in a heartbeat! 🙂

  10. Try Calisthenics, you don’t need a gym for that
    Just basic things like Push-ups, Pull-ups, etc. But much more exciting than that.

    Check out Simnett Nutrition. Vegan, AND does Calisthenics

  11. Johnny Ownbey thanks for sharing my dad and myself both went vegan at approximately the same time one month ago. My dad has diabetes and is over weight and we both feel and look so much better even after 1 month! I’ve been working out hard and focusing on losing a few pounds and building muscle mass. Haven’t felt this good in a long time good luck!

  12. Mariana Ochoa I recommend resistance bands and dumbell training that’s what I’m doing 2-3 full body workouts a week. Look on youtube and there are great videos to build muscle at home

  13. was vegan for over 6 months, didn’t loose any fat and didn’t gain hardly any muscle, and no I wasn’t an unhealthy vegan………. I’m super frustrated and I don’t really know where to go  from here, I don’t understand what I need to do to gain muscle I feel like I’ve tried it all 🙁

  14. It would be interesting to know what your diet consisted of and what your training routine was like.

  15. From 10 to 13%?? Really? Studies suggest that it’s optimal to eat 0.8g/lbs of body weight and that is def. more than 20%. This whole dietary stuff is so contradictory. So many actors who get jacked for movie roles eat 1g/lbs of body weight. How can you mange to gain muscle and be ripped with so little protein?

  16. I’ve actually increased my plant protein intake lately to around 20% and have seen even greater gains. You can do it with less but it will take longer.

  17. I’m a skinny fat guy. I’m 5’11 155lbs 12 -17% bf and not really a lot of muscle mass. I’m pretty weak to (can do a few pull ups and push ups only) but I’m a voracious eater. I usually eat around 2700 calories and I’m still hungry. I could easily eat more than 3000 and be still hungry. I’m vegan and don’t eat a lot of fat (around 60 -70g in form of nuts and stuff). What I don’t understand is that you are super ripped but you don’t necessarily eat that much more. How is this possible? If I was a hardgainer then I wouldn’t be so chubby around my belly. I’ve been struggling to find out what I need to do for the past 8 years. I’ve never managed to gain muscle and/or lose fat. If I starve myself by body burns muscle instead of body fat. It’s like genetically I’m all set to fail.

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