1200 Calorie Menus for Women

What Is A 1200 Calorie Diet?

The fact is a 1200 calorie diet can indeed deliver effective weight loss results IF it is done correctly, which means making those 1200 calories count, and not just simply aiming at the figure and disregarding everything else. Those 1200 calories could easily be eaten in a single meal, and just eating once a day will in fact be very detrimental to your over-all health and weight loss targets because it will slow down the body's metabolism drastically and thus slowing down the rate that your body would otherwise be burning energy.

1200 calories is even not the correct figure for everybody. It is actually the figure that's been determined as the minimum requirements of nutrition for healthy females that don't have active lifestyles. For men it's actually 1800 calories, but none of this is mentioned because the 1200 calorie diet wouldn't sound as simple and manageable if it had to explain important little details like that.

The biggest problem however is the way the 1200 calories is simply a blanket figure and no guideline is given to the nutritional needs of the human body at all. 1200 calories could mean 3 balanced and nutritious meals of fruits, vegetables and meats throughout the day or a bucket of fried chicken from the nearest drive-through. One will actually HELP you burn calories where as the other will result in severe malnutrition due to lack of vitamins if that kind of diet is maintained for a prolonged period of time.

Just because a diet restricts your caloric intake doesn't mean you can start restriction your nutrients intake, essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids remain just as essential to your body regardless of any diet you undertake.

To do a 1200 calorie diet in a positive, healthy and ultimately more beneficial way, you have to first understand that 1200 calories may simply not be enough for your body. You may at first think that, not enough calories is kind of the whole point, but when you really don't put enough in, your body goes into starvation mode and locks down the fat molecules that you do still have, ultimately grinding your metabolism to a near standstill and being far more counter-productive to your goals as the result.

Once you realise that maybe 1500-1800 may actually be more effective for your body, you then need to make sure that those few calories are spent wisely every day.
Getting enough vitamins, minerals and essential amino and fatty acids is now more important as the foods you are going to have to eat now have to be more nutrients dense and less energy dense. Wasted calories are food sources that are high energy and low in actual nutrients. So most greasy fried food or sugary carbohydrate dense foods are all suddenly off the menu.

If done with a nutritionally balanced mind-set, a calorie restricted diet can indeed deliver the right results. For even more information about the 1200 calorie diet [http://theweightlossacademy.net/1200-calorie-diet/] visit our in depth discussion at [http://theweightlossacademy.net/]

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