The Red Tea Detox

19 DIET TIPS – Make Weight Loss Easier and Faster!

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3:18– Suggestion # 1: Take it slow-moving and stable!
6:13– Pointer # 2: Focus on carbohydrates over fat.
8:53 – Suggestion # 3: Consume carbohydrates that are lower on the glycemic index Also Known As slow-moving absorbing carbs.
11:47 – Pointer # 4: Consume even more protein.
12:44 – Idea # 5: Eat foods higher in quantity (reduced in calorie thickness).
14:58– Tip # 6: Periodic fasting.
14:46– Idea # 7: Coffee/Green Tea as well as high levels of caffeine as a whole as a hunger suppressant.
17:20– Pointer # 8: Avoid too much cardio.
18:54 – Idea # 9: Remain active.
19:48– Tip # 10: Consume even more water.
20:08– Idea # 11: Eat tidy prior to cheating.
21:49– Suggestion # 12: Determined refeeds.
23:14– Suggestion # 13: Limit your fuck-ups.
24:23– Pointer # 15: Remain motivated in the long-term (less social networks and also go slow-moving).
27:14– Tip # 16: Do not buy right into BS supplements and "super foods".
29:21– Idea # 17: Get your fiber.
30:05– Suggestion # 18: Don't stress about sodium/water intake.
31:13– Top # 19: Do not do it alone.

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19 DIET TIPS - Make Weight Loss Easier and Faster!

3:18 – Tip #1: Take it slow and steady!
6:13 – Tip #2: Prioritize carbohydrates over fat
8:53 - Tip #3: Eat carbs that are lower on the glycemic index AKA slow digesting carbs
11:47 - Tip #4: Eat more protein
12:44 - Tip #5: Eat foods higher in volume (lower in caloric density)
14:58 – Tip #6: Intermittent fasting
14:46 – Tip #7: Coffee/Green Tea and caffeine in general as an appetite suppressant
17:20 – Tip #8: Avoid too much cardio
18:54 - Tip #9: Stay busy
19:48 – Tip #10: Drink more water
20:08 – Tip #11: Eat clean before cheating
21:49 – Tip #12: Calculated refeeds
23:14 – Tip #13: Limit your fuck-ups
24:23 – Tip #15: Stay motivated in the long term (less social media and go slow)
27:14 – Tip #16: Don’t buy into BS supplements and “super foods”
29:21 – Tip #17: Get your fiber
30:05 – Tip #18: Don’t worry about sodium/water intake
31:13 – Top #19: Don’t do it alone

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The Red Tea Detox


19 DIET TIPS – Make Weight Loss Easier and Faster! — 23 Comments

  1. I hear everywhere, even in health class at my high school that it is better to eat breakfast to stay fit because it sets your metabolism for the day. Is this true or just a myth?

  2. I think its that your body just needs some stimulation to start your emtabolism. Even water should do it, but not a strict meal. Mr. Vitruvian does that sound right??

  3. man youre not telling shitt…i love ur content…here im ur new subs…good job

  4. i was expecting this to be sketch but this actually helped me a lot!!!! thanks dude

  5. but if you won’t eat breakfast your metabolism will slow down and this will lead to gain weight…bcs your body is like:oh you won’t give me food so maybe you are lacking in finding the food so…when you give it carbs lets say it will immediately store them in form of fat bcs it thinks that you’ll keep starving…that’s what i knew…has this changed??

  6. Keep it up man? I love your work, you really inspire me to keep pushing ?

  7. Something I find helps is to brush my teeth as soon as my eating window (or caloric need) is complete. It reminds me no more food tonight and honestly I wish I started it years ago (plus oral hygiene is important)

  8. Egor what is a good amount of cardio i do about 100 calories a day cardio wise. Im 93kg and 1,87 m trying to cut down a bit and trying to lose minimal gains. +VitruvianPhysique

  9. Just to even improve your cardio for apetite tip. Go swimming. It will make you so fkin hungry, compared to expended energy.

  10. What is Fenoboci Diet Plan? I’ve heard many awesome things about this popular weight loss secrets.

  11. I sweat a lot ( I mean drops of sweat after 2 minutes of jogging) so should I consume more salt to compensate?

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