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5 BEST DIET/FITNESS TIPS 2015 | Flatter stomach, bloating, motivation

The very best 5 diet regimen and also fitness suggestions for any person began that is trying to lose weight and strengthen! Also some tips on bloating as well as water weight as well as motivation! Have an excellent day!


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Seen on me!
my foundation/contour routine-.
sweater- my mommies she allowed me borrow it lol.
bobbi brown rum raisin lip lining-.
makeup forever n9 lipstick-.
( existing favored color).

my hair care regimen-.

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5 BEST DIET/FITNESS TIPS 2015 | Flatter stomach, bloating, motivation

The best 5 diet and fitness tips for anyone started out who is trying to lose weight and tone up! Also some tips on bloating and water weight as well as motivation! Have a great day!


instagram: samozkural
twitter: samozkural
snapchat: samozkural
EMAIL: [email protected]

Seen on me!
my foundation/contour routine-
sweater- my moms she let me borrow it lol
bobbi brown rum raisin lip liner-
makeup forever n9 lipstick-
(current favorite color)

my hair care routine-

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5 BEST DIET/FITNESS TIPS 2015 | Flatter stomach, bloating, motivation — 42 Comments

  1. +Sam Ozkural ahhh that’s what it is! I love them ? looks good girl. I knew something was different ? thanks for the response ?

  2. Yes that is exactly my problem! I will start and not see results and then stop. Okay, I will keep watering the plant!!!

  3. Yes keep it up I promise your body is feeling the results and one day you’ll wake up and be like omg I see it! That’s kinda how abs were for me

  4. i havent watched the video yet but just a little opinion, i think the before photo looks better than the after

  5. What I think +Sam Ozkural​ is trying to say is that your opinion isn’t really necessary. Yes, everyone is entitled to their own opinion but Sometimes its best to keep it to yourself.

  6. +Sam Ozkural I think the before looks good too , but I still don’t dislike the after . It’s more important that YOU ARE HAPPY just as you are . So if you are happy than the after is better ♡

  7. +Sandra Pereira I can see where she looks more toned on her hips. I have love handles so I noticed fast!

  8. I think it’s because she’s wearing lip liner, details are in the description

  9. I agree with everything in this video besides the dieting. DO NOT DIET. Just eat clean. No weightwatchers or military diet, nothing like that. Just eat well!

  10. Coffee doesn’t dehydrate you though, I’m sure it doesn’t, Google told me it doesn’t lol

  11. +Sophielouise20x caffeine causes you to urine more, which makes you dehydrated. As long as you are having a good amount of water, you should be fine. I learned this in a nutrition class 🙂

  12. I don’t think she means to go on a diet, but rather the way in which you are eating. You can have a good diet or a bad diet; I think she’s just encouraging a healthy lifestyle.

  13. I know this is super personal, but I noticed in one of your videos you brought up birth control. I’m getting on birth control next week but I have not yet picked my method. I am really concern about weight gain and not being able to lose weight while on it. What method has been working with you and has not interfered with your fitness journey?

  14. I cant be consistent with the times I eat because I work shifts 🙁 sometimes I work at 4am and other days I don’t work until 6pm and always 8 hour shifts but I still stay motivated and minus 25lbs

  15. Your conception of “diet” might be skewed… diet literally means “what you eat”– everyone is on a diet. Maybe you mean on a fad diet…? Eating clean is a specific diet 😉

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