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you understand i love talking about health. couple of points has had a larger relevance in my happiness than seeming like i'm dealing with my body.

a healthy diet regimen, exercising, worrying down – all of them invaluable. however each and every one of those ideas has a poor online reputation of making our lives more monotonous, tough, aggravating, difficult (paradoxically ), and much less totally free and also satisfied.

boring remains in the eye of the beholder, i state!
living healthy and balanced does never need to be boring, aggravating, difficult, or denying. so this video is suggested to show health and wellness in an enjoyable way, so not too serious, yet still valuable. at the very least i wish so, that's just what i gone for ^. ^.

if you're questioning exactly what i take into consideration a healthy diet regimen – i'm about 100% plant-based. no animal items, very little processed things. whole plants compose the almost all of my diet plan, with a little of white rice, some sugary chocolate, and also the weird junk food minute every now and then when i'm at a vegan market or something.

a really healthy and balanced whole foods diet regimen, without making regulations or restricting myself – that's exactly how i would certainly sum it up. and also staying in my body seems like i've won the lottery game.
we have over the years (lastly) end up being the very best of friends.

incidentally, the thumbnail photo is from my cookbook () – a meal i call my sea salad. totally yummy!

love// jenny.



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