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Apple Diet – It Works For Weight Loss, But Beware of 1 Version Of This Diet

Ever hear of the apple diet? It's a popular weight loss diet that has numerous versions and spin-offs. A lot of these versions are healthy and work for weight loss, however 1 version you must absolutely avoid.

First, why the apple diet works…

A big reason on why the apple diet works has to do with the high water content and high amount of fiber in each apple. The high water content allows you to "eat water" basically. The foods you mostly "eat water" with are generally low in calories, but very filling. For example, a 300-calorie candy bar won't fill you up, but 300-calories worth of apples will.

Another reason why the apple diet works is because each apple has 5 grams of fiber in it. It has both soluble and insoluble fiber. Having a high fiber intake is a big part of successful long term weight loss programs.

The average American only gets about 12 grams of fiber each day. It's recommended that you get 25 grams of fiber each day. I, however, advocate getting 35-50 grams of fiber each day for easy long term weight loss.

There are 2 rules to the apple diet…

Rule #1: Eat 1 apple before each meal.

This is the main rule. Very simple, huh?

Just eat 1 apple before each of 3 meals. Nothing more. I won't even tell you to stop eating your favorite foods. Obviously, if you eat a little bit more healthy, you'll increase the speed in which you lose weight… But I won't force you to eat healthier.

Rule #2: Don't forget rule #1.

Seriously, there is just 1 rule to the apple diet. However I want to add that I've found that my clients who have tried the apple diet get better results simply by following rule #1 and eating healthy snacks.

That's all you need to change in your diet… Eat an apple before each of 3 meals… And eat healthy snacks. You can continue to eat more unhealthy type of foods for your meals. Just don't eat unhealthy snacks!

So, if you want an easy weight loss plan that isn't complicated and doesn't require much thinking on your part, try the apple diet.

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