7 Half Mindhacks of Fat Loss: Simple And Easy Tips and Tricks Anyone Can Use to Achieve Their Weight Loss Goals Staying Lean and Fit FOREVER! (Fat Loss Diet, Lose Weight, Fat Loss for Beginners 1)

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This Kindle Book is how you will succeed in 2016 and Forever! It all begins with how you think and not how you train, since the body will follow the mind. This Kindle Book is all about how to simply and easily change your perspective of how you think about exercise and food by giving you small, easy to implement Mindhacks. Slowly, these Mindhacks will create a domino effect, toppling all the walls that once held you prisoner in your own body. They will help you build a new thinner, sleeker, stronger body that will become your temple.
Follow my 7 ½ Mindhacks and you will be training your brain, while nourishing your heart to keep you prepared and motivated for the plan ahead.
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Do the mind work before the physical work. Develop your mental power and achieve your goals!
Get yourself prepared for losing your unwanted fat by reading 7 ½ Mindhacks of Fat Loss: Simple and easy tips and tricks anyone can use to achieve their weight loss goals to staying lean ad fit FOREVER!
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Written by Sarah Strongs of the Temple Builders Guide, this Kindle Book will transform your outlook on health and fitness. Sarah is an amateur athlete, sport medicine specialist, educator, outdoor enthusiast, explorer, writer and lifelong gym monkey. From sport to Pilates, yoga, running, nutrition and strength training, Sarah has a vast experience and education with a Bachelor of Human Kinetics degree, certification in personal training and pedorthics. Her specializations include lower limb biomechanics and the microbiome diet.
This book contains the Heart and Mind of every fitness guru, health nut and survivor.

Here Are Some of The Easy-to-Implement Mindhacks You Will Learn:
How even with a busy schedule you will go to the gymHow to remain pain and injury freeThe trick to goal planning no one thinks to doThe simple Mindhack to navigate processed foodsExtra tips within each Mindhack ResourcesAnd Much, Much More!
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