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This article is going to be a little different than most "how to lose weight" articles.  That type of information can be found for free on Google, Yahoo, or any of the major search engines.  You can learn all about proteins, carbohydrates, and fats from many sources.  You can go to many websites that will provide you with sample workouts and instructions.  The information is out there…and you can get all the knowledge you need absolutely free.

The reason people are struggling with their weight is probably less about doing crunches and more about the MINDSET!

Many people have confidence problems when it comes to losing weight, building muscle, even other aspects of their life…making money for example.  They are unable to visualize the final results.  when you can't visualize the final result, each day you'll be asking yourself, "Is all of this even worth it?".  "Is this really going to work for me when other things have failed in the past?".

You need to take charge of your life, right here, right now….and say,"I am ready for a change!".  Today is NOT going to be like yesterday.  Tomorrow will be even better than today!

Spend time researching online about nutrition and solid exercise programs.  Don't fall for all the gimmicks you see on TV promising instant results (goofy ab machines, diet pills, etc.).  Realize that you are going to have to work at getting the results you want.

Close your eyes and visualize the end result.  Think of how it would feel when all of your friends and family are commenting about your "new look".  Think about how it feels when you have to  go out and buy new clothes, because your old ones no longer fit (that is one of the drawbacks!).

Once you have the right information, set your daily and weekly goals.  Use forums online for support if you need to.  Never give up and keep going with your daily workout and nutrition plan. 

After a while, you will start to see results.  Your results will give you the confidence you were lacking, and increase your motivation.  This whole cycle will continue to repeat itself as you get better and better results.

You can do this!  As soon as YOU start to believe, it will happen for you.

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