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BajheeraIRL – Bajheera’s Diet/Meal Plan – Basic Body Building Meals

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Hey geeks! I went on and made a little vid of my preparing a 4-night dish for Bajheera. A great deal of body builders as well as physical fitness individuals do this with fantastic success. While it's except everybody, those of you who are intriguing in attempting this out, we made a decision doing a video clip exclusively on exactly what I prepare for Bajheera would be a fantastic method to follow for yourself!

Additionally, sorry for any kind of mic top quality problems. Annnnd. I enjoy your faces.

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BajheeraIRL - Bajheera's Diet/Meal Plan - Basic Body Building Meals

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Hey nerds! I went ahead and made a little vid of my preparing a 4-night meal for Bajheera. A lot of bodybuilders and fitness people do this with great success. While it's not for everyone, those of you who are interesting in trying this out, we decided doing a video solely on what I cook for Bajheera would be a great way to follow for yourself!

Also, sorry for any mic quality issues. Annnnd. I love your faces.

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The Red Tea Detox


BajheeraIRL – Bajheera’s Diet/Meal Plan – Basic Body Building Meals — 31 Comments

  1. You have to let the food cool down first before you cover them and put them in the fridge.

  2. How do you know how much beef or chicken you need in one day to meat your macro nutrients and calories Goals ?

  3. +Jose Garcia 
    Usually it’s written on the packaging (how much for 100g / 1L / 1kg etc)

  4. Im so jealous of Bajheera’s life >.< He has everything a man needs! *points at Jennie*

  5. Where did you learn to do all this? Like how do you know exactly how many grams of protein, vegetables, and carbs you need per day without bmi?

  6. +Xax212 I’m not defending anyone, I’m stating that someone’s comment comes off as creepy and most people of the opposite sex would view it as such.

    Bajheera “didn’t seem to care about the comment” because he’s a busy guy who can’t be fucked to check every single comment made on every single YouTube video. He may not even care, who knows, but it’s not about him, I simply thought it was creepy to make the “points at Jenny” emote. I’m clearly not the only one who thought it if a couple people +1’d it, probably people with partners and active sex lives too.

    I’m not attracted to Jenny, don’t get me wrong I think she is very pretty, but I barely know who she is and I watch Bajheera for Bajheera, realistically there are plenty of porn sites to visit for that aspect of one’s life if they’re so inclined.

    Plus, why would I “have the hots for Jenny” when _I’m_ the one saying to respect someone’s SO and go find your own happiness instead of making creepy comments? Your brain doesn’t really work right in the logic department does it?

    Great fallacies though!


  7. +Zedek Darkwraith 6 people gave my comment a thumbs up, and 2 did it on yours. the majority did not find it creepy, including myself. if anything i see it as a compliment to the both of them (Baj and Jennie) All the comment ment was that Jennie is a great woman, atleast as far as i know (only seen them through youtube/sream) 

  8. +Zedek Darkwraith Sorry mac, the majority has spoken, you lost this one im afraid ^^ 

  9. This is a super helpful video!! I’m getting ready to start food prepping and it’s so over whelming so thank you :3

  10. My Bodybuilding diet consist of mostly greek yogurt eggs and waffles.

    Could never do the chicken

  11. thats nice but heating up plastic is bad for you might wanna try some other means of heating them up

  12. So is our atmosphere technically. I think his containers would be the least concern of anyone. Probably more concerning is that American chicken flesh is yellow, due to their diet.

  13. So I’m getting back into WoW from the wrath days and sub’d JUST because you do bodybuilding too bro. Since starting my new job I haven’t hit the gym and have been so bummed about it, but you just motivated me bro! Thanks for the motivation!

  14. Jenny, you are the best!! Good tip on putting them in them in the freezer. Saves a lot of food waste.

  15. How much Gold does he give you for your hours of hard work making his meals?! 🙂

  16. Urghh meat from supermarkets. Best to get them fresh from a butcher. Way better 🙂

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