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Ephedra Diet Pills – Safe Alternatives

Very popular during the 80's, Ephedra became the supplement of choice for sport and weight loss. Since then Ephedra has had a rather bumpy ride resulting in it being banned by the FDA.

Grown from an evergreen plant, it is has been used for centuries ever since the Chinese used it to treat allergies and asthma. The Chinese used a more natural plant preparation for their treatment instead of the synthetic version found in ephedra diet pills.

Ephedra Diet Pills Banned by FDA.

The FDA first banned Ephedra in 1997 and stipulated that products containing 8mg or more of the substance could not be sold. Despite the proposal being removed a number of ephedra side effects come to light and resulted in the United States banning the drug in 2004.

Consumers found side effects to include:

Higher levels of the drug has also been linked to  variety of serious conditions, including: chest pains, seizures, elevated blood pressure, irregular or racing heartbeat, stroke, heart attack, and even death.

Ephedra Free Diet Pills.

Finding ephedra-based diet pills on the high street these days is rare, but you can still see it sold online. After considering the side-effects and history it is clear that safer alternatives are a better idea.

There are many diet supplements on the market each promoting effective weight loss for a slimmer you. Two such supplements that have proven to be effective for weight loss are UniqueHoodia and Zotrim.

UniqueHoodia – Strongest appetite suppressant.

Promoted as one of the strongest appetite suppressants on the market, UniqueHoodia focuses on reducing your desire for food and helping you to eat less. Made from pure hoodia gordonii (460mg per pill) and nothing else, UniqueHoodia focuses on deliverying the best certified and fully authentic ingredients direct from the source.

Each capsule contains 460mg of pure Hoodia Gordonii — no other fillers, binders, or other unnecessary ingredients. In addition, UniqueHoodia offers a six-month guarantee.

Zotrim – Herbal fat burning slimming aid.

Zotrim also offers an effective, all-natural alternative to ephedra diet pills, without the ephedra side effects.

By working to boost your metabolism, Zotrim gives you more energy whilst burning more calories throughout the day. Comprised of three plant extracts that have been used for centuries by South African tribes to control hunger and increase energy. These are: Yerba Mate, Guarana and Damiana.

Ephedra Diet Pills Safe Alternatives.

When looking for you chosen diet pill to help you lose weight stick to safe and natural supplements that will not pose a danger to your health. With the choice of safe diet pills there is little need to try ephedra based diet pills.

We review the best diet pills [] on the market and discover the most effective for safe and natural weight loss.Ephedra diet pills [] has since been banned by the FDA but you can find ephedra-free safe diet pills.

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