Best Diet for Over 50

What's the Best Weight Loss Method for Men Over 50?

Cutting down weight and burning calories can be difficult especially for men who are over the age of 50. The situation can be more daunting if the right combination of diet and exercise is not balanced. Reliable studies and research have consistently indicated that men who have reached the age of 50 have a slow metabolism rate. Above all, their testosterone levels also decrease at this stage.

The following are useful weight loss tips for men who have attained this age.


• A good tip for best weight loss for men over 50 revolves around the diet taken. In fact, special care and attention should be on the carbohydrates. This is not a stage to concentrate on high levels of carbohydrates. Neither does it mean that the carbohydrates should be completely eliminated. Nutrition professionals advise older men to focus on sweet potatoes and wholesome oats. They are better sources of carbohydrates than excessive fats.

• For the best proteins, consumption of read meant should be discouraged. In order to successfully lose weigh at the age of 50 and above, white lean meat is a better alternative. In this case, fish and white meat can be a better replacement for red meat.

• Weight loss for men over 50 may be difficult but with enough minerals and vitamin especially freedom leafy vegetables and fruits, the results can be quick and effective. Men in this age group should concentrate on colorful vegetables for salad.

• More caution should be observed on diabetic patients. The can only take diet that has already been approved by a qualified nutritionist.


• It has been proved beyond reasonable doubt that men who have attained the age of 50 can still benefit from high resistance exercises. They are only supposed to be cautious because most of them become weak as they approach this age. It is important to begin with light weight exercises then gradually advance to moderate amounts.

• Calorie burning exercises are extremely important. This can involve jogging, walking on the treadmill, bicycling and aerobics. In addition to this, free movements can be a good way to lose weight.

• Yoga tactics can also aid men over 50 in their quest to shed off weight. They should only start with simple moves that are within their capabilities.

• Another notable exercise for men over the age of 50 is swimming. It is a light exercise that does not need any stormy heat of energy. If the statistics released are anything to go by, men of this age can swim for 1 hour and manage to burn over 630 calories.

• A discussion of these tips cannot be complete without the walk exercise. A 30 minute walk in the morning is a good idea for starting the day. It also helps to kick start the metabolism.

The best weight loss for men over 50 should include light exercises and the right nutrition. These must be exercises that do not need undue stress especially on the joints. This is a time when men experience a declined muscle mass because of reduced testosterone production. It will be easier to cut weight by observing these diet and exercise tips.

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