The Red Tea Detox


Ideal weight loss tips from some amazing fitness YouTubers – their networks are all connected listed below!
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1 Carbohydrate Waffle Recipe:.
1. Transform waffle manufacturer on (and let it fume before pouring batter on! I leave mine on high for 5 minutes).
2. Mix:.
– 1 scoop @PEScience Healthy protein (the whey' casesin mix cooks the very best out of any kind of protein, i have actually found through experience. If you're not utilizing it, they may wind up doughey or flat).
– 1 entire egg (can sub with an egg white).
– 1 tsp cooking powder.
– 1 little water to uniformity (careful not to add excessive!).


Best dieting tips from some awesome fitness YouTubers - their channels are all linked below!
Stay tuned for Bucci Radio Podcast being released late January 2017!
--My Macro Ebook "The Everything Guide To Macro Tracking":
-- My Discount code is always AMANDA for the following:
-- PEScience Supplements 30% off
-- The Lions Choice Nut Butter 10% off
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-- Bellami Hair $5 Off code: BUCCI

Wondering where I got something? Probably on Amazon.

Snapchat: "amandabucci"

Recommended Coaches:
-- Automated Online Coach $10/month:
-- My coach William Grazione - contact [email protected]
-- Austin Current - [email protected]

P.O. Box 66580
Los Angeles, CA 90066

1 Carb Waffle Recipe:
1.Turn waffle maker on (and let it get hot before pouring batter on! I leave mine on high for 5 minutes)
2. Mix:
- 1 scoop @PEScience Protein (the whey'casesin blend cooks the best out of any protein, i've found through experience. If you're not using it, they might end up doughey or flat)
- 1 whole egg (can sub with an egg white)
- 1 tsp baking powder
- 1 bit of water to consistency (careful not to add too much!)
The Red Tea Detox


BEST DIETING TIPS????? — 48 Comments

  1. Hope these tips are helpful or allow you to think a little differently about the way you eat. Comment below if you have anything to add, i’ll pin this comment to the top so anyone who comes to this video can see all of your suggestions! Let’s help support each other here ?

  2. Ugh my goal is to just be somewhere like this, with like minded genuine people. I want to be in this industry so so bad ?

  3. Consistency! Is probably the best tip I’ve personally learned throughout my weight loss journey, and journaling your weight loss or gain. The journal will show your bodies patterns, so when the scale doesn’t drop you know it’s just part of how your body works.

  4. Montgomery Jackson I also journal my workouts, the weight used, and duration I find that helps a lot!

  5. Did you put those apples back you dropped in your juggling edit? Or did you purchase them?

  6. Elexia, just keep it simple. If you struggle lifting weights, try body weight movements to start getting some strength back and correct any form issues. As for diet, I would suggest seeing a doctor about how you’re feeling first before making any dietary changes, just to make sure their are no medical issues.

  7. Elexia Capone I told you, you just have to start completely over, it’s going to be harder this time, as I said before and you even agreed in your response as to “why”…if you are that concerned–sounds like you need a physician ok to work out again. I know I did because I had a long serious illness. Because my illness is chronic i still have days I struggle….sounds like your first stop should be a doctor!

  8. Lindsay Lindsay you put a 1 euro coin in the trolley to release it but when you’re finished shopping you get it back!
    It’s meant to stop people from stealing them but people still do!

  9. Chantel Reynaud you’re not alone. And – the best part is we are stronger as a community! Connect and you will be unstoppable xx

  10. Lindsay Lindsay ours lock up their wheels automatically if you take them too far away from the store ? #australia

  11. Montgomery Jackson 100% agree and also to see what foods are good and bad for your personal digestion! I found through consistency that I could not eat broccoli as every time I would eat it within 20mins -2 hrs I would be agony! If I was inconsistent I would have no idea what was causing it and couldn’t eliminate the pain ??

  12. Leesha McGuiness Some of our stores do that here, too. I was in a shopping plaza once and parked too far away from the grocery store, so the wheels locked up and I had to carry everything ?

  13. Oh my goodness that would have been hella awkward to hahaha – you would have been like … nooooooooooo and then have to abandon it haha Luckily I have never had to do that myself 😛

  14. Hahaha you know what – I think you’re right – maybe it was just bad brocolli – why do the things I love hurt me so hahaha

  15. Love love love hearing opinions of different people and how they look at nutrition!

  16. Ashley Storm I’m trying to get myself in the right mindset to start one myself. good luck!!!!

  17. Thank you so much! It took me a while to achieve a healthy enough mindset to start a prep 🙂 I’m sure you’ll get there too!

  18. Chantel Reynaud I want that too!!! but I also feel like (at least on YouTube) people can still be really critical and not supportive at all 🙁 I guess you just have to tune the negative out right?

  19. I’m still somewhat “new-ish” with my dieting, but the the major “ah-ha” moment I had, was realizing that I don’t always need a full serving of something. Often half a serving of something (usually this is something delicious that I’m trying to fit into my macros) is enough to satiate the craving I’m having, but fits into my macros much better.

  20. +Chantel Reynaud I would love fitness stuff @leeshlivesfit!! Can’t get enough 😀

  21. +Maya Kelley So true!! We can’t avoid it – but we can choose our response to it 🙂

  22. This was a cute video. I love how it was clear that not one thing works for everyone. There is no one way! Great tips!

  23. You can be around like minded fitness people, join a gym, talk to people and see if they have the same goals as you. I don’t have a group so I watch a lot of videos. I cook healthy meals and if they don’t like it, too bad. Marry someone who values their health, just my word of advice

  24. Best tip was the first =) and the “stay consistent” also is very important <3

  25. I want to order a pescience protein powder which is the best flavor?

  26. Please come to Minnesota and go food shopping with me! I’ve never seen someone so excited about shopping!!!

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The Red Tea Detox