Best Fat Loss Diet Tips for Men

Diet plan ideas for losing persistent bodyfat.

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Diet programs to lose fat could be a slow as well as aggravating process. There are many various diet regimen plans there that it could be puzzling to identify the appropriate diet for you.

In today's video clip I'm answering a question from Norman that creates:

Hello Lee:.

I've been obtaining your youtube video clips for a while now, and also I ultimately chose to contact you for some recommendations. I'm 63 years of ages as well as have actually lifted weights on and also off through the years. Recently I have actually come to be a lot more mindful regarding my diet plan as well as nourishment. I've found there are a great deal of products, plans, and also workouts out there which are perplexing to state the least..

What type of diet regimen should I do to maximize my progression? I'm trying to eat more healthy protein and also less carbs, yet I still seem to gain weight in the stomach as well as waistline area (the curse of being an endomorphic). Any suggestions would be handy..


Boosting your protein intake and reducing your carbohydrate consumption is usually an action in the right instructions. This is a good fat loss diet regimen for males that have a lot of tummy fat. Normally overweight guys have a low resistance for taking in high amounts of carbohydrates.

Yet you don't need to prevent carbohydrates entirely. You could still consume complicated carbohydrates and burn bodyfat, as long as you eat your carbs at the right times.

Right after workout when your muscle mass glycogen levels are diminished your body can soak up and also use carbohydrates for healing and development, rather than keeping them as excess bodyfat.

So make sure to save your high carb meals for post exercise. Either after you have done a cardio workout, weightlifting workout, or mix of both.

For the rest of the day keep your carb intake low and also focus mostly on lean protein, green veggies, and also healthy fats. This will keep your insulin as well as blood sugar level levels secure as well as assist to optimize weight loss.

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