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Worst Weight Loss Tips I Ever Heard

Just eat half your food.

Well, that might be great advice when you are heading to the restaurant that gives you huge portions, but it is really bad advice when it is about your daily food intake. Just cutting out half the food that you normally eat in a day will leave you feeling empty of energy. Besides feeling tired you will also miss about half the nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. A much better approach to dieting is to change the foods you eat from unhealthy to healthy choices. This will make sure that you at least get all your nutrients while cutting out a couple extra calories.

Limit the sugar in your diet.

For me that has never worked. Sugar causes binge eating and so I always ended up eating much more chocolate, ice cream or candy bars than I originally had planned for. To be honest, I don't know anyone that is able to limit their sugar intake for a substantial amount of time. The best thing with sugar is to cut it out completely from you diet. Then you will at least not fall for binge eating and your emotions will become more stable as well.

Cut down on bread, pasta and all cereals. This is plain out old info. Cereals are high in B Vitamins and fibers. Both you want in your diet and are beneficial to weight loss. What you really don't want in your diet are highly refined carbohydrates such as sugar, white flour, regular pasta or polished rice. Just look on the Asian countries and how they can be super thin but still eat rice all day long. The problem with refined carbohydrates like I mentioned them is that they are stripped of their B Vitamins and their fiber. You will have to eat much more of them to get the nutritional benefits.

Don't eat eggs because they make you fat. This goes back to the old myth that all fat is making you fat. Fact is that your body needs a certain amount of fat in your diet. Fact is that fat keeps you full for longer. Especially eating eggs in the morning can help much to suppress hunger until lunch. Also, eggs are loaded with nutrients, especially organic eggs.

Just take a pill and let it melt off the weight.

A pill as a weight loss method is crazy and irrational. A pill might mess with your bodies system and force it to lose weight in some way, but it can do just as much damage as well. Also, we should never forget why most of us got the weight in the first place. It was because we did not eat healthy. Therefore it is of much more benefit for us to start eating healthy and improve ourselves than to simply take a pill. The long term results will be much better if we change our life style rather than just take a temporary pill.

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