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Can Diabetics Benefit From the Master Lemonade Diet?

Definitely, the Master Lemonade diet has been created for one and all, therefore even the diabetics can benefit from this diet, however they have to follow certain steps that will assure that the insulin levels in the body are maintained as required.

According to what all of us are aware of, there are three different types of diabetic conditions, one is the type II diabetes, type I diabetes and the pre-diabetic condition. In pre diabetic condition, the person's sugar levels are higher than the normal however not as high as a diabetic. Pre-diabetics can benefit quite a lot from this diet.

There are two ways how your master lemonade diet can be used by diabetics. This is how:

O Since Master Lemonade diet includes maple syrup which can cause problems to the diabetics, one of the alternatives presented by the maker is to use agave master diet plan. This plan is very much like the original lemonade plan, however, here instead of the maple syrup, pure extracts of agave fruit plant can be used.

Agave is fructose based with extremely low glycemic count, thereby reducing the level of sugar inside the body considerably. Try and use the purest of agave extracts, any additives can cause harm rather than good to your body. Check out for ingredients and the glycemic count before buying these extracts.

O Another simple yet effective alternative to use of maple syrup in Master Lemonade Diet is the use of molasses. Molasses are a good alternative to anything with sugar. It is absorbed easily and therefore do not increase insulin levels in blood. However, even though you choose to use molasses it is absolutely necessary to ensure that you are following the instructions carefully.

Initially, you can start off with half a spoonful of molasses and move on to two spoonfuls. This should be done over a period of three days so your pancreas has the time to adjust itself to the molasses.

However, type I diabetics need to consult their doctors regarding the Master Lemonade diet. It is also necessary to follow instructions given by the doctor in case you have been allowed to follow the diet.

Pre-diabetics can benefit hugely from the Master Lemonade diet, it helps bring down the blood sugar levels, since all other foods are forbidden and there is not extra sugar intake from other than the maple syrup.

Diabetics should keep on checking on their blood sugar and urine sugar levels regularly during the diet. There are millions of diabetics in the USA alone and some of them have tried the diet with positive results. The Master Lemonade Diet has the ability of changing your daily diet for better.

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