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Apart from exercising regularly, what make us different is probably our daily food choices and nutrition intake. I was raised in a family where most of the meals we ate were homemade.

It’s such a blessed that I’ve never had to worry about my weight. That’s why I choose to stick with the tradition “Nothing beats a home-cooked meal”.

For years I’ve learned the cooking techniques from my mom, my grandma, my aunts; from my favorite chefs Jamie’s Oliver, Annabel Langbein… It also comes with a passion for foods that makes me like studying the culinary herbs and spices. As you might hear it before “Good foods bring you good moods! I’ve learned to cook all my favorite meals.

Ever since I started my fitness journey, it’s challenged me more to pick up the foods that are healthy, tasty but I also want to meet my fitness goals. So far I am very satisfied with my body transformation. I feel strong and more confident now, both in physic and mentality.

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I hope you’ve found the recipes that you like or any inspirations from this book as well as from this video.

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