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Chris Froome Diet & Cadence Tips

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Chris Froome Diet & Cadence Tips

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Chris Froome Diet & Cadence Tips — 25 Comments

  1. “When I was a kid, I used to ride everywhere in the big ring, smashing around Sussex in 53 x 17, knowing no better. When I joined ACBB, I discovered that everybody trained on the small ring, spinning the gear round quicker to improve their pedaling suppleness and powers of recovery. Mickey Wiegand, on that first Cote d’Azur camp, had said to me, ‘Yattez, if you don’t take the chain off that big ring, I will take the big ring off your bike.’ Now, in the pro ranks, they were all on the big ring all the time, but spinning it as fast as the amateurs had spun the small one. Peugeot had these macho guys like Gilbert Duclos-Lasalle and Jacques Bossis laying it down all the time; every training session turned into a massive burn-up that invariably ended with me getting my head kicked in. I went to Het Volk and the Tour of Flanders and was totally out of my depth. It came down to a fairly unavoidable fact: I couldn’t keep up.” Sean Yates, It’s all about the bike

  2. +Durianrider Cycling Tips “If you want to read about who stuck what needle in whose arm at what race in the back of whose car in 1983 or whenever, then I’m afraid you’re reading the wrong book. This is a book about cycling, not about drugs. […]. I want to talk about cycling” 😛 afraid you’re sincerely wrong, mate. he’s talking about spinning and he’s saying spinnin’ is just half the job, the other half is spinnin the right gear. you won’t go anywhere fast by spinnin’ a 34×21 on the flats…

  3. +pl4free I agree. There are moments for high cadence in low gears but if you want to go in the peloton at 45kph and do a good TT, you need to move the MTF gears and spin that 53 with power and a fluid pace.

  4. Heh. Chris Froome became so good because he lost weight. Yeah, they said exactly the same thing about Armstrong. His chemo/cancer treatment thinned out his upper body (it actually did), so that’s why he could now climb real fast and win the Tour.

  5. I think spinning the smaller ring is helpful for beginners. As you get stronger you can spend most of the time in the big ring. You build up power and endurance and also recovery. I’m always in the small ring as I’ve only been cycling about 3 months.

  6. +MrScion500 Start alternating days of cadence workouts and days of big ring workouts in order to build strength. Then you can do at least one day combinating both. Its necessary to get used to work and move all your gears.

  7. +Andrés Omaña yes I’ve started switching to the big ring at certain parts of the ride. I cycle with my brother. He’s been cycling about 6 years and very rarley comes off the big ring. His cadence is quite high too. I’m running a compact crank and 11/28 at the back

  8. if you are not riding 6.25Watt/kg you will not be riding in the leading group, 5.85 ist not enough…

  9. Spinning is best and is easier on the muscles but a slow cadence doesn’t have anything with the bones grinding unless your cartlidge and cruciates are shot you are still using the same muscles and ligaments

  10. Your right about brute strength VS endurance, my old bike shop told me there is a big difference between squatting at the gym and finishing a long steep climb

    Hey Harley- what do you think of the Roval brand carbon wheels for a mountain bike, I am thinking of DT Swiss XRC 1200 or the Roval control SL? Roval is about 100 grams lighter

  11. i do eat 2 bananas and white tea with 3teaspoon of enervon hp. no cramps before riding a 100km tour.

  12. Excellent segue to reality of spin v/s grind. “Spin To Win”, right on Mate. I’m 71 and can still kick almost any rider who depends upon their strength v/s my consistency and economics of motion. Was taught well in Monterey,CA in 1970-71; riding 17 Mile Drive; waving to Clint on the way down or back. He was usually working out, yeh.

  13. A long time ago I was a 100 pound 20 year old who rode the steep hills of the SF peninsula. I met a pro sprinter from New York on a ride, and my friend offered to have me race the guy up a hill. The guy’s legs were massive, and I was rather timid. But I absolutely wasted him. It wasn’t even a contest. Proof of what you’re talking about. Man I sure appreciate what you’ve shared. Even at my age I’m ready to take on a higher cadence. Can’t wait to get back on the trails.

  14. I’d say the only real valid time to lower the intake of carbs is if you are actively trying to lose weight. You should still defo have some fuel, but fasted rides were really effective for me when it came to dropping weight quickly, so that I could get to a point where I could start doing proper well-fuelled training.

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