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Obtain These Delicious, Easy to earn Bulletproof Dishes

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Have you ever before intended to boost your eating routines, however constantly thought twice since you really did not want to sacrifice good delicious food? Well The Bulletproof diet is implied for you. The fundamental property behind the diet plan is putting great fats in your body, so poor fats could leave your body.

Making meals that follow the extremely rigorous criteria of The Bulletproof Diet could be time consuming, and discouraging. Bulletproof Diet Book for Fast, Easy as well as Delicious Recipes for Fat Loss, Increased Energy and Better Health will assist you begin on The Bulletproof Diet and also assist you start your fat loss journey.

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How To Make Fat Burning Coffee

You’ll never go back to your corner coffeehouse chain again:

Hey guys,

Today I'm going to show ya'll how to make Bulletproof Coffee. So, for you guys that have never heard of Bulletproof Coffee, it's been around for a little while now. I think it's been a lot more popular now, probably in the last couple of years.

For me, I recently started doing Bulletproof Coffee a few months ago. Bulletproof Coffee, instead of putting cream and sugar, you put coffee, grass fed butter, and coconut oil.

The difference being, instead of using sugar, you are using fats...healthy fats.

The point of that, it's really good if you are on some kind of low-carb diet. The last thing you want to do is fill up your coffee with a lot of sugar. A lot of people will also use Bulletproof Coffee to replace their breakfast. Now, I will be honest, I still eat my breakfast. But, I do eat...a lot. So keep that in mind.

Drink this to start your day right and burn the fat off for good:

So this is how the recipe works.

Video Breakdown:

1:24 - With Bulletproof Coffee, you want to go ahead and put two cups of coffee. Put it in your blender.

1:51 - Then you out 2 tablespoons (I said teaspoons, oops. I always do that!) of butter, you want to go with grass fed butter.

2:22 - Next you will put about 1-2 tablespoons of coconut oil.

2:43 - There you go. Throw on the cap and let it blend!

2:54 - So to be honest, I have been on a low-carb diet for quite a while now, and it works out really well for me. I keep my fats high and my sugars low. I have found this to be a really good replacement, because it makes this nice creamy taste, and has a sweet hint with the grass fed butter. It tastes good, the fats in it are good for you, and it fits a low carb diet!

3:42 - Ah, let's take a look. Got a little foam on the top. I can smell the butter and coconut. You've got a nice creamy low carb coffee.

4:04 - So smooth, so creamy, and I didn't even put any sugar. It is not bitter like black coffee, and again, it fits a low-carb diet.

4:30 - This does have a lot of calories, so some people will replace their breakfast with it. With the good fats, it gives the energy needed to go throughout your day and also, fat (if you watch my video I just posted about fats vs carbs) fats, absorb slower so the energy lasts longer.

This is how I make my coffee, and I love it. You can try it out here:


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