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Is There Such a Thing As a Safe Diet Pill?

Losing weight is a very difficult thing to do. So it's not surprising people look for help. And the quickest way to get help is with a diet pill. But what are the dangers? Do safe diet pills exist?

The latest controversial diet pill to hit the news is Acomplia, also known as Rimonabant. It was recently withdrawn from sale in Europe because of fears that it was linked to sudden deaths and at least one suicide.

Does this mean all prescription diet pills are bad? That the dangers outweigh the advantages? No. But what is happening is that people are turning away from prescription drugs and turning to natural diet pills. This is because natural diet pills are gaining in reputation. And many of them are clinically proven to be safe. Even Hollywood stars are using them.

This doesn't mean people should not go to the doctor if they are very overweight. Obesity can cause all sorts of health problems. You are clinically obese if your Body Mass Index is over 30 and you're considered morbidly obese if you're B.M.I. Is over 40. You can work out your B.M.I. On the net, there are lots of online calculators available. If you are obese, trying to remedy the situation yourself is not advised. Consulting a physician is your best option in that case.

But, for others, even if you go for the natural version, is there really such a thing as a safe diet pill? Generally, yes – but you can only be 100% sure if you choose the ones that have undergone clinical trials. There are quite a few out there that have not and you should avoid them. No matter how inexpensive they are, you have no idea if they're safe. And, the bad news is, the very cheap ones usually don't work anyway.

That still leaves you with a lot of choice. The best natural diet pills have progressed in recent years and can now improve your general health as well as helping you lose weight. Proactol, Hoodia Gordonii and Caralluma are supplements that have undergone tests and are proven to be safe.

However, you still have to be careful. Take Hoodia as an example. A recent study suggested that up to 95% of Hoodia, the supplement used by Angelina Jolie, Eva Longoria and Teri Hatcher, is actually fake. So it's important to find genuine Hoodia.

Is there such a thing as a completely safe diet pill? The answer is 'yes', if you go the natural route.

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