Dr Oz Daily Meal Plan

Stop Thinking of Your Age and Start Living

When your body has all of its nutritional needs met you can expect renewed energy and strength on all levels of being. Health problems will disappear and others will notice the new you! Without good health all of the money in the world is worthless. When you are sick you are a prisoner. When you are well you are truly free!

Do you need to resort to ant-acids, sedatives, laxatives, alcoholic drinks, insulin, dueretics, glasses, hearing aids, cortisone shots, or other medications on a daily basis? How are your heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, gallbladder, colon, and your memory? Can you run a mile or even around the block without keeling over?

Do you wish to return to the feeling of being vibrant and more youthful? Well- who wouldn't! There are people living in less developed countries that remain well, able to walk long distances or even up mountains without great distress because they are eating foods filled with life-force energy that have not been denatured by man.

Of course our lifestyles here in the states tend to create more challenges so our choices are even more important on a daily basis. Over the years I have come to know a lot of people who are technically well fed, however, they are malnourished. At the University of Missouri some years ago Dr. Albrecht conducted an experiment demonstrating that the soil in which plants grow has a great deal to do with how much resistance, life and vitality a plan has. One eye-opening aspect of that experiment was that when a healthy plant was grown and mingled with a diseased plant, even though there was direct contact, the disease, bacteria and germ life failed to transfer to the healthy plant. This is a true reflection of a vibrant human being who can mingle with those that are ill with a cold, flu, or other disease and not be similarly afflicted.

You see we need the same chemical care as plants. The foods we put into our mouths do mold us. If we continually eat foods that are denatured, cooked above 119 degrees, those that are over processed, preserved or refined, the vital life elements and enzymes are destroyed and therefore we benefit little if any by the caloric intake. We must consider true balance in all of life. If you eat cooked foods which all of us do, we must balance that intake with live vegetables and some fruits. We are not only "what we eat" but most importantly what we absorb! To insure that I am getting more from every bite, I include digestive enzymes with every meal. People in Bolivia, Venezuela, Hunza, Russia and Ecuador are said to live long, full lives without the use of drugs, surgery and the like. Yet when these same people come to our industrialized world, the land of the free and the brave, our fast-food meals bring them the same diseases and shorten their lives as well. What does this tell us about how we choose to live?

Something that I am fortunate to have learned from my greatest mentor, Dr. Bernard Jensen, is that our bodies are continually trying to keep us alive by causing detoxification processes. So when a baby gets a rash, a person has diarrhea, or cold or flu, it is most often accumulated "garbage" or toxicity that the body is trying to throw off. Detoxification is a gift and something that our body puts into action in order to help save our lives. When a person is ill too often it usually means that his or her immune system has been overburdened with toxins and responses have become sluggish. Did you ever notice that when you are really ill with a bad cold or influenza your appetite may disappear? That is because the innate wisdom of the body allows for all energies to be focused upon the process of detoxification, or purification…healing. Fasting is common in other cultures and it is nature's way. So I generally tell people that if they are ill eat only when they are truly hungry and not a minute before, and even then just eat simple foods like baby food jars of veggies, or lightly steamed veggies and soup at room temp. Drink plenty of non-carbonated purified water and add electrolyte powders such as Emergen-C packets to that water. In order to truly be well we must consider the pH balance of the system.

Let me explain:

Of all of the subjects I studied as a nutritional biochemist, one of the most interesting and complex was the process by which pH balance is maintained. The pH involves the Hydrogen ion. An ion is an atom of some particular element that has lost or gained electrons. Hydrogen is found in two ways, either as a complete Hydrogen atom, or with part of it missing as a Hydrogen ion. Every element has its atomic weight and depending upon your personal biochemistry you may or may not be breaking down your food into the nutrients your body needs to thrive. You don't need a chemistry lesson here, but learning the signs of being too acid or too alkaline could be very helpful in sustaining true health.

Each solution in your body has its proper pH and if it gets too far out of balance that secretion loses its effectiveness to assimilate or absorb minerals, amino acids,and vitamins. Enzymes are also affected by the pH of the solution in which they are contained. If you are not properly absorbing nutrients from the foo you eat, the poor heath is ultimately going to result.Your digestive system has two opposing sets of secretions. One is very acid and the other very alkaline. The the maximum digestive efficiency to take place these two secretions must balance each other. When your pH is too low you may have pre-ulcerous conditions. Some individuals wit a low pH level experience things such as increased heart rate, frequent sighing, restlessness, cold sweats, dry skin, dry mouth, hard stools and diminished urination. This can be due to the exhaustion of the adrenal cortex, as the adrenal glands play an important role in sustaining proper pH balance.

Very low pH means that food must pass through the alimentary tract, stomach and duodenum very quickly to keep from irritating and burning the walls of the intestines. This means that the time normally allotted for absorption of minerals and vitamins is greatly decreased and you do not get the proper energy out of the food you eat.

The more acidic you become the more destruction occurs to certain nutrients. Calcium is affected and a lack of calcium may cause a decrease in vitamin C and this will permit the weakening of tissues as well as the weakening of gastric juices–a vicious cycle. Those with osteoporosis are too acid and this causes the body to signal the need for calcium (like taking anti-acid tabs to buffer indigestion discomfort) to buffer the acid condition. Trouble is, our body will rob Peter to Pay Paul, or Mary and Martha. Taking calcium out of the bones to alkalize the blood is an every day occurrence for many people -especially the aged.

On the flip side, if you happen to have an alkaline urine pH reading it signals that your digestive juices are weaker. Now you are not getting the proper energy from the food you eat because your digestive enzymes are not strong enough to break down your food for easy assimilation. People with high urine pH may experience increased respiration, stiff joints, muscle cramps, calcium precipating out of alkaline tissues, discomfort after eating due to a lack of acidity in the stomach, a sudden rush of sugars in the blood stream, causing insulin stress, and lowered resistance to disease, since viruses, bacteria, fungus, parasites and other microorganicsm, thrive in an alkaline medium. You would tend to have upper lung problems such as allergies, coughs, asthma, or chest colds more often.

Did you know that our thoughts can affect the body's ability to stay well? It's true! When we are happy, in love, moving through life with a positive attitude, our body will generally reflect that outlook. Your outlook on life can affect your "outer covering" your body. How you move, how you carry yourself…these are signs of your general level of health. Think good thoughts, laugh often, be with people that you enjoy most, and participate in activities that make you smile whenever possible. Joy has a profound effect on health.

Why not make a choice today to enjoy every single moment possible. Enjoy the goodness that comes your way and open your arms to extraordinary experiences. Like the movie with Jim Carey, don't say "no" to everything because you have lived in a comfortable rut; begin to say "yes" and enjoy variety and excitement every day.

Concentrate on life and not on death. Try not to mentally create disaster by sabotaging your own day. Ask yourself where you are in the mental movie in your mind? You are the star of that movie so check it out. Is it a love story, a horror flick, some action movie or soap opera? Determine if you are constantly involved in thoughts that are uplifting or those that are undermining your good health. Try being your own best friend mentally. Think good thoughts of yourself and find the very best in every situation that comes your way. When you uplift the lives of others in turn, your life will be enhanced.

Live well, live vibrantly!

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