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Gallstone Diet – Naturally Treat and Prevent Gallstones With Your Diet

Did you know that you can naturally treat and prevent gallstones with a gallstone diet? In fact, you can literally use your diet as a holistic treatment to help flush your body of gallstones.

The problem is that the average American diet is exactly the opposite of what you should be eating. And do you really know what a natural health gallstone diet looks like?

Treating Gallstones Naturally.

In most cases, many types of diseases can be cured with various foods. For instance, most kidney stones are naturally passed with high amounts of water hydration and cranberries. The arthritis disease of gout can be naturally treated with a basic (neutralized diet) which is used to neutralize the cause of gout (uric acid).

In the case of gallstones, your diet also has a major impact on the dangerous disease that puts over a half a million in the hospital to get their gallbladder removed. But, can this too, be prevented? Yes, you can actually avoid gallbladder surgery with a natural gallstone cure which incorporates a gallstone diet.

7 Tips from a Gallstone Diet.

Here are 7 tips to start a gallstone diet to prevent and flush gallstones from your gallbladder.

1. Fats and Cholesterol- The main cause of gallstones is fat and cholesterol. You should do everything you can to avoid fatty foods, cholesterol and processed foods. Currently, the average American diet contains about 60-100 grams of fat per day. You should restrict yourself to about 30 grams of fat per day during the first two weeks of your treatment.

2. Fruits and Vegetables- Do your best to incorporate fruits and vegetables into your diet. We always recommend raw ones over cooked ones. Both fruits and vegetables contain a high volume of water soluble fiber which will naturally flush your body. However, if you overdo it too quickly, you might be sitting on the toilet a lot the first few days. Start with 5 a day.

3. Whole Grains- If you enjoy the carbohydrates then you should know which ones are good for you and which ones you should stay away from. Always try to eat cereals with at least 5 grams of fiber per serving. Find bread with at least 3 grams of fiber per serving. And as you have already heard, don't eat anything enriched! That includes white bread.

4. Dairy- If you are a milk drinker it is time you finally switched over! You should take this time to finally switch to skim and fat-free milk products. Avoid whole milk, sour cream, whole milk cheese and cheese spreads. We recommend getting at least 2 or more cups of fat-free dairy per day.

5. Protein- Meat and protein are essential to any healthy diet. But it is important to know what protein source is the best one. You should always opt for poultry, lean pork, choice cuts of beef, and lunch meat that is at least 95% fat free. Avoid the fatty meats even though they do taste better! For instance, if you have the choice between bacon and Canadian bacon, always choose Canadian bacon. Fried or grilled? Grilled!

6. What to drink? – Most people go for the soft drink or the cup of coffee, which is fine! As long as you make it a habit to always chase it with a tall glass of water. You should literally be drinking half your body weight in ounces per day. Water is a natural flusher and keeps the body functioning at optimal levels.

7. Desserts- It is easy to give in to this one. But here are some healthy alternatives to the cakes, pies, cookies and chocolates that are loaded with fats (cause of gallstones). Sherbet, non-fat yogurt, fruit ice, and angel food cake are always a good place to start.

Keep Your Gallbladder, Save Thousands and Naturally Flush Gallstones.

Treating gallstones starts with your diet but you can also use vitamins, supplements and herbs to help prevent gallstones. We also recommend a step by step gallbladder and liver cleanse that is guaranteed to dissolve and flush gallstones from home.

If you have gallstones, you can pass them pain free in less than 24 hours from right now, using a safe, natural, proven home remedy. Please visit our Gallstones Remedy Website today.

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