Fat Loss in 5 Weeks: Burn fat fast, build lean muscle, and achieve your dream physique safely with the virtual guidance of your very own professional fitness specialist

Burn fat fast, build lean muscle, and achieve your dream body safely with the virtual guidance of your very own professional fitness specialist as you begin phase 1 of the 5 Weeks to Fat Loss program.

Nationally accredited functional fitness and sport performance coach, John Kempf, will be your virtual personal trainer as he takes you through his highly-structured workouts designed to burn fat and build a strong, balanced physique that is free of injury.

These are the very same methods and workouts he has used with himself as a competitive bodybuilder and professionally with his clients for over 9 years, ranging from college and professional athletes, to fitness competitors, to hundreds of regular folks.

When you buy this workout program you will receive:

•A comprehensive training manual that walks you through the entire program start to finish

•25 elite exercise sessions geared to burn fat and build lean muscle as efficiently as possible

•Customized workout sheets for every day of the program to track your progress accurately

•Free permanent access to the professional exercise library of over 125 (and growing) completely free HD videos shot from two angles featuring John’s personal coaching demonstrations

•Text descriptions of every exercise to ensure proper technique and a reduced risk of injury

•A proven system backed by science that will change your physique and change your life

This system is for those who already work out at a gym on their own and are looking to take their fitness to the next level. It is a difficult program based on years of professional experience that will push the body to its upper limits to achieve super-charged fat loss. You must be willing to put in the work, but if you do, your results will be unlike any you've seen before, no questions asked.

“My mission with this program is to provide you with the opportunity to complete a safe and efficient exercise routine designed and guided by a true professional as if I was standing there coaching you in person the whole time.

Many people would love the professional guidance of a personal trainer, but they just can't afford it. Unfortunately, many do have a trainer or coach, but they are highly untrained. The client doesn't see the results they want, and they often get hurt in the process due to the poor coaching or programming. This is especially true with the lack of credibility seen in the online health and fitness industry.

That’s why I wrote this program. I want everyone to have access to a professional coach so they can get real results for an affordable price. There is no longer a need for you to spend countless hours and dollars on trainers and books that don’t satisfy.

No more scams. No more BS. You can get all the workouts and coaching you need right here. Start your program today and let the journey begin!”

-John Kempf, B.S., CPT, USAW


-The program is 5 weeks long and there are 5 gym workouts each week.

-There are 3 different lifting days and 2 high intensity cardio days each week.

-The workouts are all less than 60 minutes and a full body dynamic warm up is included.

-A training manual explaining the entire system helps teach you the meaning of exercise terminology and how to record your progress throughout the program.

-Digital workout sheets are included for all 25 exercise sessions for easy and accurate tracking.

-All exercises are hyperlinked to a professional exercise library that includes videos performed personally by John, and there are text descriptions to help you perform every exercise correctly and safely.

You will not find a better designed workout program to help you shred fat and safely carve your desired physique anywhere else. Put your trust in a nationally accredited fitness professional who has the experience and the knowledge to help you succeed.

Accept the call to a new and improved life by scrolling up and buying your copy now!