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Get Shredded: Sample Keto Diet Plan

A continuation of the series: This is a sample Ketogenic Diet plan

80% FAT
15% PRO
5% CHO (total quantity, fiber was deliberately not subtracted).

Get Shredded: Sample Keto Diet Plan

A continuation of the series: This is a sample Ketogenic Diet

80% FAT
15% PRO
5% CHO (total amount, fiber was intentionally not subtracted)
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Get Shredded: Sample Keto Diet Plan — 40 Comments

  1. I don’t know about you, but i’m really annoyed by these trolls who are so against low carb dieting and troll-push their high carb durianrider diet all day long. 
    Your YT channel are all suggestions, you’re not getting into anyones face about it and i’m glad! 
    I lost 50 lbs+ 200 to 150 and kept it off for 3yrs already. I’m not always on Keto anymore, i’m just 30% carb and keto/low when I feel I need to. I have never gained more than 4 lbs of it back this way and I see a lot strong evidence to support that this plan works!

  2. +Chad Cilli another thing to mention is I’ve read many of those marvel/dc actor diets and they all go on pretty high protein and fat. The only thing that they change per person is amount of carbs is customized for each person. I think the “body builder” diets are hard to beat for ultimate composition change.

  3. There are definitely some people who are VERY carb tolerant, but for every carb tolerant person, you’ve got 2 people who are carb intolerant.

    The “bodybuilder” diets of high carb, high protein, low fat, work, but at what cost?  Listen to Layne Norton for a bit, and his discussion on metabolic damage.  This is why natural bodybuilders have to “rebound” after competition.

  4. Oh i was not saying that today’s bodybuilder diets were all low fat, there’s a lot of variance out there now. For example, you mention Layne Norton.exactly my point, bodybuilder diets have evolved, he’s really intelligent and I’ve been following him for a long time. Hes exactly what i was referring to, he’s not necessarily low fat nor prescribes it. I know fat is essential for health but carbs are not. I’m actually trying to recover from metabolic damage myself its not easy man! 

  5. I completely agree with you, and I know bodybuilders who even do ketogenic diets.  The thing is, we see so much variation from person to person in the way respond to foods and especially carbohydrates.  It’s important to experiment in order to find what works best for you.

  6. +David Hestrin What do you mean? Sources of calcium? You can eat cheese, cream cheese, cottage cheese, broccoli, etc. I would hope that someone wouldn’t just eat the same thing every single day.

  7. Sure yeah, just the example day you posted looked like it has nearly no calcium. I’m curious if there’s some rationale that says eating this high fat way decreases calcium requirements.

  8. +David Hestrin Well… Research on calcium intake is interesting. We have quite a bit of research showing that people get too much calcium and this actually promotes arteriosclerosis. That being said, we really need to consider the bigger picture and consider the fact that most people aren’t getting enough Vitamins D, K, and A. So, in that context, are people really getting too much calcium? Or are they getting insufficient vitamins?

    A high fat diet would obviously have higher amounts of fat soluble vitamins such as D, K, and A, so you could expect to see a decreased need for calcium.

    However, there are no studies examining this relationship in a causal role, so all of that is just theoretical conjecture based on the biochemistry.

  9. how is 5 ounces of ground beef going to keep you full? you only eat 2 cups of spinach per day for vegetables? this diet plan looks terrible

  10. +Guinea Tee This is just an example of one random day of eating. Why would you assume that someone eats this every day? Some days you have more vegetables, some days you have less vegetables, hopefully every day you’re eating different vegetables, and as for quantities, it depends on your total intake. My 90 pound girlfriend isn’t going to eat as much as my 200 pound brother. This was just an example of what a day’s worth of food on a ketogenic diet might look like. I know guys who are eating 4 to 5 pounds of beef a day, so you certainly are not limited to 5 ounces.

  11. +Mei Shxt Well, the easiest way to tell that is to look at how many calories you are currently eating, and then either match that or if weight loss is your goal, decrease it by 10-15%.

    Apart from that, when I work with an athlete, we test their RMR at the Neuromuscular Research Lab and go a 15 day food and bodyweight log.

  12. Thank you. I appreciate your response. How can I calculate what I need to intake on the Keto plan if I am on a 1,200-1,500 daily calorie intake?

  13. +Integrated Performance Solutions 4-5pbs of beef per day would knock you out of ketosis correct? unless you’re like 400lbs. And still i do not see how a serving of beef will hold over your hunger even if it is cooked in butter

  14. +Guinea Tee I can see this really bothers you. Well…. if you really want to get into it.

    1) again, it was just an example and I would hope that people can make their own food choices

    2) 4 to 5 pounds of beef a day would NOT knock you out of ketosis unless you’re eating very lean beef

    3) satiety varies from one person to another, it may have something to do with leptin sensitivity, CCK, NPY, GLP-1, ghrelin, and a host of other interacting hormones that are not quite fully understood at this time

    In other words, what you find to be satiating may or may not be satiating to someone else.

    4) when in ketosis, it appears to beta hydroxybutyrate actually expresses an appetite inhibiting effect, but again, the MOA is not fully understood, however, one might speculate that BHB could be interacting with the same receptors that are affected by GHB, or perhaps it’s something else entirely such as the lack of insulin peaks and valleys begins to stabilize leptin levels over time

    Regardless, people find they have significantly less hunger when following a ketogenic diet and actually maintaining a state of ketosis.

    5) Protein is the most satiating macronutrient, and the fat content from the ground beef combined with the fat from the butter would also slow gastric emptying

    So, that’s just a brief start, but you have quite a few factors that will change the individual satiety response to a meal.

  15. +Integrated Performance Solutions No im not trying to argue believe me i’m looking to start this keto just trying to get an idea of how to structure meals

  16. +Guinea Tee it’s all good, I just figured you didn’t really want to discuss neuropeptide Y and GLP-1. The takeaway is just that satiety signals vary from person to person and from food to food. Eating 500 kcal of Cheetos versus 500 kcal of cream cheese. I encourage people to add fiber to their diet if satiety is a problem. Fiber and protein typically yield the highest levels of satiety.

  17. 2 cups of spinach? where are the rest of the vegetables? I have courgette spaghetti, mushrooms, artichokes, avocados & Edamame beans with my lunch & a little with my dinner. Is that wrong? I have been trying to be keto for a while & I run most days a week, plus speed sessions (trying to get faster)

  18. great video, I hired a trainer to help me. lose weight and he put me on the ketogenic diet. however, he has not done a very good job of explaining the diet

  19. Derrickontheway I periodize my nutrition as per Burke, Hawley, Close, and Morton.

  20. Derrickontheway I’m not sure what you don’t understand??? I periodize my nutrition based on the work of Dr. Louise Burke, Dr. John Hawley, Dr. Graeme Close, and Dr. James Morton

  21. True! I tried the HCLF diet for about year and my Glyco A1c starting rising. Before I knew it, my Dr. says, “Congratulations, you got diabetes. Do you want to go on meds now, or do you want to try and fix it yourself?” Needless to say, I was in shock. I said screw the meds. Went to 50% protein, 30% Fat 20% Carbs and saw a huge difference. Obviously, HCLF is not right for me. I would like to see if Keto can work for me.

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