HCG Diet Plan – Discover the list of food which don’t hurt your HCG Diet Plan

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Hello there. This is Lisa Allen as well as in this video I'm simply mosting likely to discuss actually rapidly the foods that you're permitted to consume on the HCG Diet plan so let's get started as well as let's carry on to the next slide.

In the HCG Diet plan you're enabled to have at each dish and that is lunch and supper. Morning meal is a little different and also we'll look at that in a second however at each dish you're permitted to have one healthy protein from this protein checklist. There is one vegetable that you're allowed to have from the list also one grissini breadstick or melba salute after that likewise a fruit. I'll show you the listing of the fruits that you're permitted to have.

Allow's start with the protein list. The healthy proteins that you're permitted to have are lean beef, poultry breast, shrimp as well as any sort of non oily fish. By lean beef we indicate with all noticeable fat cut and also not quite fat marbling in the meat. Things like a rounded steak are good. You could do hamburger as long as it's 96% lean or extra. With the hen bust simply the bust don't do the tenderloins. Ensure that there's not skin or fat outside of poultry bust. Shrimp is great. Non oil fish, no tuna or salmon. Go with something like a white fish, soul or flounder are all excellent selections.

On the preparation and also food preparation see to it you acquire meats without additives or any type of kind of broth added or flavor boosters. Also on the cooking no oils. You can broil them, steam prepare them or pan chef in water. I want to cut mine up really slim and afterwards cook them in simply a little bit of water in the frying pan. It functions excellent.

The vegetable listing, below are the veggies that you're permitted to have. You can have tomatoes, cucumbers, asparagus, onions, radishes, lettuce, spinach, celery, beet greens, chard, cabbage, chicory and also fennel. On the tomatoes you must only have one tool to large tomato but on the other vegetables you could practically eat as long as you like because they do not have many calories and also not quite sugar yet tomatoes do have just a little bit too much sugar in them. You need to only have simply the one.

Prep and also cooking, once again raw, lightly steamed or you can put them in soups. No oils and also natural, preferably. Remember on the veggies detail you're enabled to have one of these per dish as well as you are not intended to mix veggies.

Fruit options at lunch as well as supper you can have among these fruit options. You could have one small to tool apple of any type of type. The pink ladies are my favored. Possibly you have one more preferred that you like better. Medium sized orange, a fifty percent a grapefruit or a handful of strawberries yet once more only have one.

if you should such as claim you're a person that has to truly should consume a little bit more at breakfast you could divide your fruits up a bit and have claim half of the apple with morning meal and also fifty percent of it with lunch as well as have your orange at dinner but do not eat both fruits at one dish.

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