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Couple shed 280 kilos and get seen for the precise reasons – CNN

CNNCouple shed 280 kilos and get noticed for the suitable reasonsCNNIn only some weeks, she had misplaced 14 pounds — enough to encourage her to take on new physical challenges. … Rob joined Jess in coaching for a 5-kilometer race that December. … Jessica has misplaced one hundred twenty kilos from the beginning of their experience; Rob has …and more »

KETOGENIC DIET: Most asked questions & solutions by using …

I've been on the ketogenic weight loss program for 4 years at the age of 46 physique. Study in regards to the health advantages of ketosis and the best way to get into it


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To Forestall Alzheimer’s, Diet and Exercise Are Effective, Massive Study Presentations (TIME)

In a groundbreaking study that checked out how eating regimen, exercise and other non-drug interventions have an effect on cognitive decline, researchers see some hope for reasonably straightforward dementia-combating strategies.

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