How to Lose Those Last 10 Pounds

The Most Underrated Stars In WWE History –

Vavel.comThe Most Underrated Stars In WWE HistoryVavel.comThe one thing that sticks out with Albert is that he might make somebody seem to be just right. Some larger guys can't promote to the smaller guys and make it seem plausible. Albert, however, could do that. A man smartly over 300 pounds that made it appear …and more »

Dave Asprey: Why the Bulletproof Weight loss program Works

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On this clip from his Bulletproof Existence direction, Dave Asprey outlines why the Bulletproof food regimen works.

Asprey will give an explanation for how pleasing the Bulletproof way to consuming is and how his weight-reduction plan retains him full and nourished.

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Committed to Get Fit: How to Lose the Last 10 Pounds Snack Ideas

Taylor Swift and Barefoot Contessa Diss Males Who Go on Diets (TIME)

The bubbling singer and the culinary star talk about boys and meals (what else?) within the Barefoot Contessa kitchen.