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How to Lose Weight | 10 Tips To Lose Weight | Lifestyle, Diet and Workouts

10 Tips To REDUCE WEIGHT|Easy|Lifestyle, Diet and Workouts|Training|Resistance Training|HIIT Cardio|Fat loss|Sustainable

Physical fitness Instagram:
Snapchat: chloe_ting

HIIT Exercises:
Complete Body:
Complete Body and also Ab Exercise:
Full Body Obtain Shredded Quick:

Summertime Shred Body Collection:
EP # 01 Complete Body and also Ab Workout:
EP # 02 Arms and Abdominal Exercise:
EP # 03 HIIT Exercise:
EP # 04 Intense Abdominals Exercise Vol 2:
EP # 05 Intense Leg Workout|Cellulite Minimizing Regular:
EP # 06 Complete body get shredded quick

How to Lose Weight | 10 Tips To Lose Weight | Lifestyle, Diet and Workouts

10 Tips To LOSE WEIGHT | Easy | Lifestyle, Diet and Workouts | Training | Resistance Training | HIIT Cardio | Fat Burning | Sustainable

Fitness Instagram:
Snapchat: chloe_ting

HIIT Exercises:
Full Body:
Full Body and Ab Workout:
Full Body Get Shredded Fast:

Summer Shred Body Series:
EP#01 Full Body and Ab Workout:
EP#02 Arms and Ab Workout:
EP#03 HIIT Workout:
EP#04 Intense Abs Workout Vol 2:
EP#05 Intense Leg Workout | Cellulite Reducing Routine :
EP#06 Full body get shredded fast
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How to Lose Weight | 10 Tips To Lose Weight | Lifestyle, Diet and Workouts — 39 Comments

  1. Period hacks,pleasee! and cramps 🙁 And working our during your period. Anybody have any tips for cramps,pleasee comment down below. My stomach is killing me right now,plus I am soo bloated and it just hurts ?

  2. Been doing your workouts for about 3 months now and everyone’s been telling me I look skinner and I can definitely see the linings on my tummy. Please keep the HIIT workouts and other types of workouts coming! I’ve been repeating your workouts almost everyday haha.

  3. I really want to see your photo how you looked few years ago before you started to workout and eat healthy

  4. I have a bike at home, so I bike for an hour and then I do one of her HIIT workouts or other workouts if I’m not feeling it, like the 10 min abs or the butt workouts she has. I live in an apartment, so I only do the workouts that doesn’t require gym equipments.

  5. Genuinely the most helpful video about how to lose weight that I have watched 🙂 xxx

  6. I’m like “I’m gonna do anything she tells me to do ’cause she’s gorgeous”

  7. Chole you’re absolutely great! I love your videos they’re always so clear, informative and effective <3 I love how you pointed out everyone should do the type of workout they love! I pretty much follow the simple rules you told about losing weight while doing swimming on a regular basis because I just loooooove swimming and it has helped lose weight a lot!! I'm not a fan of cardio workouts or hit workouts, but thanks to you, I have grown a linking to it, and it's been my 4th week now doing some abs workout, glute workouts, hit workouts and random cardio : D you have inspired so much and I hope you keep doing these kind of videos! your workout videos are very helpful because I could easily and workout with you since there's a timing, and geez it burns so good even when it's tiring and they're all pretty satisfying with actual results! THANK YOU CHOLE!! Keep up the great job!

  8. You could try making tea with lime juice, turmeric, a drop of honey, and mint. Rub your tummy in circles going to the left which induces better digestion. I also like eating protein/iron to replenish with blood. Those help my tummy.

  9. I also get really bad cramps but only if I have eaten unhealthy :$ before my period .Lets say like 3-4 weeks before it start . But I realized if I eat really healthy and workout 3-4 times a week the cramps stops: D I hope this helps you! Also thank you Chloe for these tips!!since last December you have motivated me to work out and since December I have worked out regulary and eaten really healthy !♥

  10. New subscriber!! Kinda late but I want a summer body! Thanks for this! Gonna check out your other videos!

  11. Why is it that Chloe always publishes the exact video I need at the exact time I need it?

  12. wow thank you so much for your comment! This is so amazing! As long as you are consistent with your workouts and nutrition, you’ll keep seeing great results! 🙂

  13. Anubhuti Jain I like the idea off working out ( I do think pilates and yoga it helps with bloating and cramps) but sometimes when i’m on my period I don’t want to move? what helps me is a hot towel on my stomach. It’s easy to do take a towel and put it in the microwave for 1 minute or 2 minutes and lay it on your stomach. This helps with my cramps.
    ps. if you do the towel in the microwave put a glas water with it soo it doesn’t burn. ?

  14. Great tips girl. Really love your channel. I’m bout to subscribe and follow you on IG ?

  15. Please can you do more at home workout videos (especially targeting the legs and whole body hiit?) Thankyou!!! 🙂

  16. Chloe Ting can you show you’re favorite stretches to do please? Or how not lose motivation to eat healthy or exercise (I have a big promblem with this). OOR any excercise or food myths that “help you lose weight” that are false or stuff ppl commonly mistake for. Thank you amd I love ur vids????

  17. please do a workout routine for beginners on gym! bc when i get in, i get confused with everything and i end up only walk on the treadmill 🙁

  18. Has anyone tried Fenoboci Diet Plan? (just google it) We’ve heard numerous awesome things about this popular lose weight secrets.

  19. That i knew I had to eliminate around 10 pounds, but every diet program and technique I tested out, let me down. I just never received any considerable results. But the diet “lyly amazing guide” (Google it) came out to be the program for me. Inside of only one week, seven days, My partner and i lost 8 lbs.

  20. From a mate of mine implemented this diet “sowo amazing plan” (Google it) to get rid of 10 pounds, I actually realized a lot about it. So of course I read directly into detail about it on google.

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