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Kasper’s Diet Talks and Tips | Wishtrend

I'm here to speak about weight loss. I have been in the K-pop sectors, but I can not offer my food away. I enjoy eating. Gelato, bread, pizza, pastas. I like every food around ~ ~! Exactly how about think about Diets? There a lot of kinds of weight loss. It, sometimes, great to help to lose your weight, but, often not. It can be harmed your health. The most vital concept for diets is to be in on your own, feel good on your own. Let's share your idea for diet plan! Here is mine first:-RRB-.

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Kasper's Diet Talks and Tips | Wishtrend

I'm here to talk about dieting. I have been in the K-pop industries, but I cannot give my food away. I love eating. Ice cream, bread, pizza, spaghetti. I love every single food out there~~! How about think about Diets? There so many types of dieting. It, sometimes, good to help to lose your weight, but, sometimes not. It can be hurt your health. The most important concept for diets is to be in yourself, feel good yourself. Let's share your thought for diet! Here is mine first 🙂

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Kasper’s Diet Talks and Tips | Wishtrend — 35 Comments

  1. I have a very slow metabolism. When I eat a “normal” portion of food I will get cramps, fall asleep and gain weight.
    So I eat about 5-7 hands full of food over the day, that’s how I keep my energy levels high and the weight of.
    BUT this might be not enough food for you, if you’re metabolism is faster and you need more energy

  2. +em4my The best way to boost your metabolism is to increase your muscle mass. Muscles are fuel burning power houses! Try incorporating a bit more weight training to your daily routine~

  3. I love her because she’s so down to earth and real about topics like these.

  4. I lost like a LOT of weight by just drinking lemon juice everyday. I just squeeze half a lemon and put it onto my daily drinking water bottle. You can also use apple cider vinegar which has the same effect but don’t drink too much (just about 2 table spoons a day) because too much can weaken the heart. This tip is the only thing that worked for me and had pretty fast result. I don’t know about gaining weight if you stop doing that but i stopped like a month ago and still haven’t really seen any fat coming back

  5. I eat 3 meals a day and they’re fairly small but after I’d eat some junk food like biscuits or donuts ;-; it’s just that when I see the food I’m like yes pls and don’t actually think about what I’m about to do ?

  6. +Katia Hb i drink a LOT of water, like nearly 2 litres a day if not more. so i would squeeze half a lemon on the water bottle i’d brigng to school (or 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar) and just drink it through the say.
    +drink a lot and different kins or tea. it helps you feel more in shape and healthier

  7. Please do some research before venturing into some weight loss diets and exercises. What I did before was starvation and overexercising I rapidly lost weight at first but it entailed negative effects in the long run. To be more specific, I would eat 1000-1300 cal meals daily (mostly apple, crackers, and tuna, yes I followed that stupid diet fad), I sometimes meticulously planned my meals. I would work out twice a day, 30 min in the morning and 1-2 hours in the evening, and even do some yoga in my spare time. After working out I would do some SAUNA for at least 30 min. I went from 55 to 49 in three weeks (Im 5’4″). Then I experienced weight-loss platue. Theeen one day I went on a cheat day and boom, my binge eating disorder began. I gained twice as much in a short period of time. But now I’m slowly turning pescaterian, and I do 30 min workouts. I lost a few pounds in 2 months, it’s not much but it’s a healthy way of loosing weight. Please please please dont be stupid like me, just dont overdo your weight loss routines, do not rush, just try to be more healthy gradually. Take it one step at a time and you’ll get there.

  8. +Sapphire Oppa i used to. a LOT but i don’t have much time this year cause it’s my senior year. i didn’t feel like exercicing helped me a lot with losing weight, but i got praised a lot for my curves, my flexibility, and strengh and so many other things that i gained through exercicing. i DO feel how important sports were for me now that i don’t have time for them

  9. infinite sis anything, anytime. ?? i do eat very healthy meals at home but on the other hand i eat too much junk food and keep eating between meals. So i’m not really the best example to take in food diets

  10. Kasper, going into a sauna or keeping yourself warm to lose weight will only make you sweat and lose water weight. Keeping yourself cold will activate the body’s metabolism and make your body actually burn fat to stay warm and regulate body temperature

  11. actually you can even lose weight without dieting. If u just exercise regular you will burn fat and built muscles ! I am doing this already since 2 years and I keep my weight even when I was often in mc donalds haha but sure its even better and helpful when you ear healthy ? But seriously 20 minutes per day make it all if you do the right exercises !

  12. Im only watching this cause… I wanna be a kpop idol actuallyy and… I weight like 52kg but I look skinny and im only like… 159(my height). I still remember like… When I was… 8 or 9 years old(???) my sister literally said that I look like a stick running cause I weighted about 20/30+ plus around that time

  13. ItzDalene wah I weight around 45 – 46 kg and I’m 158 (height), and I’ve always looked chubby lol.

  14. It’s the cold one. Your body will burn more fat when cold, keeping it warm would only be useful when sweating profusely which if wanting to sweat more exercise is better, when your body is cold your body then begins to use your fat as a way to stay warm and begins to slowly burns that fat as a source of energy for your body basically.

  15. I agree with her. South-east and East Asia have really high body standards that “slim” for the rest of the world is fat for some Asian countries like mine. For example, I’m 5’6 and with a bmi of 18, which is below normal for the general population, but I have people still calling me fat and I still feel the pressure to get thinner.

  16. My sister is soooo thin!!!!
    she eats well but y doesnt she gain weight (shes very lazy, doesnt even move a finger) and i gain weightl!!!

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