Ketogenic Diet: Ultimate 90-Day Challenge for Weight Loss and Clean Eating with 101 Recipes + Free Bonus (Ketogenic Diet for Weight Loss, Ketogenic Diet … Diet, Rapid Weight Loss, Belly Fat Loss)

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Achieving a healthy weight is not a sprint. And no, it is not a marathon. It is a continuous walk and that means you have to set your own pace to succeed.

But maybe diets haven’t worked for you in the past because you’ve asked too much of yourself too quickly?

Well, it’s time to scrap all those get-skinny-quick schemes, because they will always have you bouncing back to the start. You need the Ketogenic diet and this book will tell you why. You’ll learn where you’re currently going wrong and what you really need to be doing to form good habits. In less than 3 months, there will be a healthy and succulent array of foods ingrained in your brain as part of your routine meal plan!

I know life can become chaotic easily. The problem in the past was likely that you didn’t have time for a strenuous exercise schedule or the strength for a ridiculously constrained dietary plan. Well, in this book I assure you I do not suggest hours’ worth of exercise or unfeasible eating schedules. I promise this routine can fit into ANY lifestyle or schedule; perhaps more easily than your current dietary schedule.

I am not just a nutritionist. I am a father. That means I focused on developing a weight loss plan which does not compromise your ability to assume all your daily responsibilities (both personal and family-related).

But that's not all! Over the years I have observed many people commit the same mistakes while practicing this diet and this is something I want you to avoid. For this reason, by downloading this book you will also instantly access your Free Bonus: The 7 most common Ketogenic diet mistakes and how to avoid them!

Here’s a preview of what you’ll discover within the book:
What is the Ketogenic diet and why it is the most practiced diet in 2016
How minor diet changescan make lots of difference
Over 101 delicious recipes
Why Miley Cyrus, Jessica Biel, Megan Fox, Jack Osbourne and Matthew McConaughey follow the Ketogenic diet
A step by step workout plan
Free Bonus: The Top 7 Ketosis Mistakes to Avoid!
And so much more …
My book helps you on this gradual learning process. There is no rush. Your body and mind must adapt to a new routine almost subconsciously. Rapid change can lead us to quickly shift back to our old habits, because it is too much too soon. But I understand that, which is why the book takes the teaching process in steps. It suits the hectic lifestyle and it is does not do so unnaturally.

This book is not enough piece of propaganda pushing the Ketogenic diet. NO! This book is about meeting your goals and expectations within a manageable 3 month period! After that, eating healthily will all come naturally to you. There will be no ‘instructions’.

In addition, you do not have to take any risks. I want to be sure that you do not pass by this opportunity due to the fear of spending money in a vacuum – and that is why I am offering a 7 day, 100% money back guarantee! Honestly, what are you waiting? You only have one health and it will soon be too late for you to take care of if you do not act now!

* 10% of this book’s retail price is donated to a charity for orphaned children in Rwanda, Africa. By buying this book, you further offer a meal to a child in need.