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Ketogenic Diet: Weight Loss Made Easy for Beginners + Quick and Easy at Home Recipes (FREE Bonus Inside) (Keto Diet for Beginners, Fat Loss, Diet, Healthy Living, Cookbook)

Get Ready to Begin the Journey to Become the Healthiest and Best Looking Version of Yourself
Get ready to comply with tested steps as well as strategies to understand one of the most important realities regarding how you can drop weight on a ketogenic diet plan. This publication describes how a diet that requires you to consume high fat, moderate healthy protein and also reduced carbs can influence not only your weight however your overall health and wellness. It gives you a peek of exactly what to consume, exactly what you could periodically eat as well as exactly what foods you should certainly stay clear of. Additionally, it has a specialized chapter that showcases delicious low-carb recipes that are simple!

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn …
The Health Benefits of the Diet How to Lose Weight and Have More Energy Throughout Your DayThe Common Myths About the Diet and How Not to Fall for ThemWhat to Eat and also What to AvoidAnd Much More!
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The next step for you is to simply begin reading, use the principles, as well as crucial to delight in the journey!

Ketogenic Diet Living Cookbook: 50 Asian Inspired Recipes for Fast Weight Loss (Ketogenic Diet Fo...

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Ketogenic Diet Living Cookbook: 50 Asian Inspired Recipes for Fast Weight Loss (Ketogenic Diet For Beginners, Low Carb, High Fat, Indian, Asian Cookbook)

Are you tired of boring ketogenic meals and want to add a little spice to your life?This book could be the answer you're looking for...What if you could make delicious Asian meals that could actually help you lose weight? Imagine having tasty Asian recipes along with full nutritional information in one easy to read cookbook
Trying to be healthy is hard and sometimes confusing
For years we were told that fats were bad for us and we had to cut them out of our diets
Yet we became more obese than any other time in history! But over time science and our understanding of nutrition has improved
We now know that many fats are actually healthy for us.By substituting simple carbs with healthy fats, the Ketogenic Diet forces your body becomes a fat burning machine! As a result you will automatically lose weight, increase your mental focus and decrease your appetite.Bestselling author Jeremy Stone will show you how you can make some of your favourite Asian dishes with a ketogenic twist in this extensive cookbook
Based on his extensive knowledge of the Ketogenic Diet and his passion for Asian food, Stone reveals his tasty secrets to making healthy Asian recipes that will help you lose weight and feel great!In this book, you will learn ...How to make over 50 keto-approved recipes from all around Asia with full nutritional informationAn easy to understand overview of the Ketogenic DietThe benefits of making one skillet mealsHow to make Asian inspired ketogenic recipes for any occasion; breakfast, main course, salads, snacks and side dishes.BONUS: 30 Additional Ketogenic Recipes E-BookHere are just some of the exciting recipes you will find inside:Cumin Hunan Beef Teriyaki Glazed Asian Chicken Sichuan-Style Chinese Long Beans Stir FryCoconut Cauliflower CurryBlack Pepper SteakAsian Spinach Salad with ShrimpGrilled Spicy Eggplant with Red PepperBrussels Sprouts Roasted with Cashews Don't let boring Ketogenic meals get in your way, get your copy today!

ISBN 1535527323

Jeremy Stone

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- Amazon: 4.7 (4)

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