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Lance Armstrong new diet gives him more energy?

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Lance Armstrong new diet gives him more energy?

Durianrider Ebook guides for the BEST weight loss results and & lifestyle tips

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Lance Armstrong new diet gives him more energy? — 30 Comments

  1. DURIANRIDERS I HAVE A QUESTION:  I have always wondered…if I go to my local vitamins/supplements shop like GNC here in the States…and I buy some of their “testosterone” boosters…will I show positive for a banned substance urine or blood test for a major endurance event?

  2. Thank you cris shaskin! I think his drug use makes overshadows any diet changes

  3. I think his drug use obscures any diet chooses. I eat raw but find it hard to beleave his success can be associated with fruit when he’s doping.

  4. Funny my comments keep disappearing from his videos. Drugs obscure any benefits that come from diet. Go raw tho

  5. Ok Durianrider, I’ve sat quietly not asking questions, but I’ve got one question that I need to understand. Does the Fruitarian diet work for an overweight individual that is not/can not be as active as you? Say they could only get in a few days a week to ride, are they going to benefit from this diet profile?

  6. Its ironic that harley here constantly talks trash about weed and psychedelic drugs but not ‘roids. What is it ok to dope for performance but not enjoyment?

  7. you gotta follow that lifestyle for a while. with the time you’ll lose a lot of weight, in case you stick to the “rules”[no animal products, no salt, low fat, low protein (<10% each), as many fruits as you can eat, as less cooked products as possible. potatoes, glutenfree pasta, rice, cornwheat and stuff is ok..-> HIGH CARB! aso. ] and then you’ll be able to run and cycle and stuff. 🙂 

  8. For what it’s worth, I lost over 80 pounds last year Paleo. Diet and cycling. -80 pounds. 320 pounds down to 238 from January to November.

  9. You could qualify for the Transvestite Weenie Toss and nothing more.

  10. Paleo can make you lose weight but so can a heroin addiction and chemotherapy

  11. Obviously this diet can make you lose weight if you don’t exersice as much as him. But it’s not just about losing weight. If that’s your only goal you will fail.

  12. Harley is and has been persistent over all these years on YouTube. NONE of the low carb persistence running (what an irony) promoters, even if they talk to millions of people, have. Shame on them.

  13. Lance never tested positive, he followed UCI tests to the T and got banned, but we got othets who have tested positive and are still racing. Fact

  14. +Rh Last Nae Not even the dumbest of individuals would go on Opera and answer yes to a whole bunch of questions asking him if he was doping. Any fool would know that they would simply destroy their career once and for all. There would never be any comeback for such a gross and repeated cheater of the sport. Not to say that other athletes don’t cheat but he was caught and admitted to being caught. The guy is no hero, just a sportsman who gained an edge by cheating and from accounts of his fellow team mates at the time he was also a bully. I think he should have all his titles stripped (if he hasn’t already) and be forced to pay back the millions he has dishonestly made. Not a fine example of a human being if you ask me.

  15. +Crotchet True dat, fans live in their own fantasy world where their heroes can do no wrong.

  16. Never meet your heroes as it’s always a disappointment: they’re just humans one’s made into gods. NO sporting body WANTS to actually catch cheaters. A pharmacologist at the UofMinnesota who has studied numerous PEDs told me “The level at which major league baseball detects steroid use is a LETHAL dose. What does that tell one about these muli-billion dollar sport organizations interest in catching cheaters?”

  17. Nothing as bad as eating 30 bananas/day to jack up one’s potassium level to risk kidney damage. One must have EXCELLENT kidneys and NEVER become dehydrated to eat that many bananas and not become hyperkalemic OR be on lasix as the latter will lower one’s potassium too. And “ORGANIC”….UGGH!. Me HATES that broad, vague word that has NO meaning other than “is carbon based”

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