Medifast Meal Plan

How to Be Successful With the Medifast Meal Plan

This is the time of year that many people gear up for a new diet plan and their goal of finally losing the weight and keeping it off. To that end, this is about the time where I get a lot of emails asking for tips on being successful with the Medifast diet plan. In the following article, I'll offer advice on how to be successful on this plan (in relatively easy ways) which have worked for me.

Don't Try To Make The Instructions Harder Than They Are. Medifast Really Is An Easy Plan As Already Designed: Sometimes after people get their first package and their instructions, they begin to over think things. After all, the meals are provided for you. There isn't a whole lot of work for you to do expect for preparing one "lean and green meal" each day.

And it might seem like you're going to be eating an awful lot, (perhaps too much to really lose all of the weight that you are hoping to lose.) So it may be tempting to over achieve, over think, or skip meals in an attempt to do even better. Although I know the temptation can be great, resist the temptation if you can.

Keep in mind that this diet was developed by doctors, has been around for over 25 years, and has been tested in clinical trials. So, these are all good indications that you can trust that this has been well thought out already. You don't need to over think it or do any more. Just eat give of the meals once a day and prepare your own larger meal as directed. It really is almost as easy as that. I know it's tempting to think there's something you're missing, but this isn't all that likely, in my experience.

Get Some Good Recipes To Make Your Medifast Lean And Green Meal Something To Look Forward To: For me, it was always nice having my meals prepared for me. I liked this aspect of the diet and wished they would take care of the "lean and green" for me (although this eventually wore off as my need for variety caught up.) But many people enjoy taking control of their meals and miss cooking for themselves. Know that there are countless resources for inventive and healthy "lean and green meals."

It helps to enjoy this process. Also, there will come a day when you have lost your desired weight and will transition off the diet. When that day comes, what you learned about making a good lean and green meal is going to pay off because this will make your new lifestyle and transition much easier and more lasting.

Also, it's important to be aware of the carb and protein content of these meals. Often, when people tell me they aren't getting their desired results, we can look to the lean and green. Some people use high carb side items which makes ketosis (fat burning mode) more difficult. This meal really is important to your success, so it helps to find recipes that work with the plan which you also like.

Know That It Really Is The Average Of Your Results Over Time That Makes The Difference: People sometimes contact me in a panic when they hit a plateau. I know what this feels like and it's confusing and isn't fun. You worry if your results are going to stop or if you're doing something wrong. Some people let this derail them. The thing is, usually an "off" week is followed by a fantastic week which averages in to be what has been the normal range for you. Don't worry so much about the swings, the victories, and the plateaus. It is the averages over time which add up to huge results in the end.

Use Whatever Tricks You Need To Use To Make The Medifast Plan Work For You: Everyone has little tricks and tips that make this diet work well for them. Some people reward themselves for pounds lost. Some shop for new clothes when they hit certain milestones. And some take certain liberties with the foods, (like adding sugar free syrups to the shakes or fat free cheese to the chili.)

I think all of these things are totally fine. The real key to this and any diet is to keep going until you reach your goals. If you find some incentive or method that makes this easier for you, that is perfectly fine. Weight loss typically really does boil down to gradual and lasting changes. It's all about enjoying the process so that you don't mind repeating it so that you develop a new lifestyle in the way that is as easy as possible for you.

Want more tips to help you be successful on the Medifast plan? Lindsey's Medifast Review Website features recipes, a list of all of the foods (including the shakes,) videos, tips, coupons ($50 off or two weeks free), information and products related to success on this diet. She also offers a free ebook ("Getting The Most Out Of Medifast") to help you get started. You can visit her at Http://

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