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A Medifast Review You Can Trust – Simple Facts About the Medifast Diet You Need to Know

In this article we are going to review some simple facts about the Medifast diet you need to know. The simple truth is that for so many folks, the biggest reasons they fail on the diets they choose is simply NOT getting enough information before they begin. In my view, the Medifast diet is simple and straightforward, but you still need to apprise yourself of the basic facts BEFORE you start. Read on below as we do just that..:-)

Let's review the Medifast Diet Rules You'll Need to follow:

Daily Meals:

You are going to eating 6 times a day. (sounds pretty good, right?) 5 of these meals are replacements, or one of the over 70 selections from the Medifast menu. These include shakes, soups, bars, chilli's and MUCH more! One of the meals is going to be what is referred to as a "lean and green" selection, or essentially a 7 oz portion of protein, in combination with green (or other brightly colored) veggies of your choosing.


Surprisingly, Medifast does NOT place a huge emphasis on exercise, although obviously it is recommended. (no reputable diet wouldn't suggest you work out!) Many Medifast practitioners lose their weight by virtue of the low calorie nature inherent in the program, RATHER than sweating the weight away in the gym….which certainly appeals to many. (including me!)

How Much Will You Lose on the Medifast Diet?

This seems to be the million dollar question that EVERYONE really wants to ask! The simple truth is that it's impossible to promise, but MOST folks are losing 2-5 pounds per week or more….with MANY dropping 20 pounds every 30 days. It's interesting to note that in a clinical setting, (John Hopkins U) the average weight loss for women was over 50 pounds, and men shed over 60 as well..:-) Impressive numbers for sure!

I Feel GREAT! No More Chubby Tummy I told My Hubby!Read on…to discover how you can FINALLY lose weight, feel great, and turn heads on the beach, in the boardroom and in the bedroom…guaranteed!(Even if you've never lost a pound on ANY diet ever before!)

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