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What Happens If I Cheat on Medifast?

The other day, I received correspondence from someone who said, in part: "I've decided to go on Medifast and should receive my order soon. I'm trying to prepare myself by researching what to expect and how to succeed. But here's a question I haven't seen answered. What happens if I cheat while on Medifast? I know myself well enough to know that I probably will cheat at some point. What should I do when this happens? Will this affect my weight loss? If so, how long will it take me to start losing weight again?" I will try to answer these types of questions in the following article.

Most People Cheat A Little Bit On Medifast. It's Not The End Of The World: Before I get into what happens or what you should do if you cheat, I want to offer you reassurance that most of us do cheat a little at some point. Of course, you want to minimize cheating if you can. You want to do the best you can as often as you can. But, let's be real here. We're talking about real life for real women.

There are going to be times when eating your Medifast meals might be difficult, inconvenient, or impossible. Now, you can change around the time of your lean and green meal to try to minimize this. For example, if you know you have a lunch meeting at a restaurant, you can have your lean and green meal for lunch that day rather than at dinner. That's perfectly acceptable and as long as you chose wisely at lunch, there should be no harm done.

But sometimes, this type of shifting isn't going to be possible and you're going to eat something that's not part of the plan. There's no reason to panic when this happens. The most important thing is to not allow one mistake to bleed into the next day or the next. Just accept what's happened and move on and do better the next day. Some people admit to me that they try to overcompensate the next day. In other words, they might chose to skip or meal or two the next day in order to "even out" or "balance out" the previous cheating. I don't find this necessary and in some cases I find it to be a mistake. The reason for this has to do with trying to stay in ketosis which I'll discuss now.

Steady Ketosis As It Relates To Losing Weight On Medifast: Here's one important thing to understand about Medifast. It's not just the calorie deficit that makes you lose weight. It's also the fact that you're tricking your body into burning fat rather than carbs (which is ketosis.) This is why you sometimes see a little bit of an acceleration in results since you have two mechanisms working for you rather than only one.

Many people take around 4 – 7 days to get into ketosis when beginning the diet. Once you get here, some people notice less cravings and hunger, but this isn't true of everyone. However, most people notice some accelerated weight loss. And as long as you stick to the diet, you should stay here and continue to steadily lose steady amounts of pounds.

But, when you cheat (especially if it's with carbs and not fats) you can get out of ketosis, depending on how severe the cheating actually was. This doesn't mean that you won't lose or even that you will gain weight. It just can mean that you might see a stop or slow down in the pounds that you've seen until you get back into ketosis. Often, this won't take as long as it originally took you to get to this state, but it depends on the person.

The bottom line is cheating on Medifast is no reason for panic. It happens to just about every one. The real key is to just pull yourself together and start again the next day. The sooner you are able to get back into ketosis, the sooner the rate of weight loss should resume. And by the way, you need steady fuel to support this, which is why it can sometimes hurt you to skip meals to overcompensate for the cheating.

Plus, there's some room for error built into the diet. I add fat free cheeses, syrups, and "safe" sauces and additions to my Medifast meals much of the time. Although some might consider this cheating, it hasn't negatively affected my results.

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