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Mediterranean Diet Plan Explained – Is The Mediterranean Diet For You?

Figure out even more and also get your customised Mediterranean inspired diet strategy at

Mediterranean Diet Plan Explained - Is The Mediterranean Diet For You?

Find out more and get your personalised Mediterranean inspired diet plan at
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Mediterranean Diet Plan Explained – Is The Mediterranean Diet For You? — 25 Comments

  1. Uh… No. Fat fights fat. You wanna lose weight? Create a healthy balanced nutritional habits with “good” fats. 

  2. +Wilda Marie Rivera  oh I guess central america too.  I mean it’s just not mediterranean in oritin . . . they grow them there now tho~

  3. +Vash The Stampede All tropical and perhaps sub tropical 😛
    But I get it. 🙂

  4. cool +Wilda Marie Rivera  btw I eat this way, but I also smoke and drink a lot so I think I may have the effects negated~

  5. At 1:44 she said, “olive oil is a big proponent of this diet.” This statement was also written on the screen. I think she meant “component” not “proponent”.

  6. +MisterKorihor the important thing you got here , olive oil is a must for my daily start with great results

  7. The Mediterranean diet isn’t for weight loss. In fact, most people might gain weight when they go on it. The idea is to be healthy, not thin. It’s healthy for your body and soul, it makes you live longer and enjoy your life because you’re eating all this wonderful stuff that makes you feel energised. Being skinny never meant being healthy, when did people start thinking that?

  8. They believe it to avoid exercise. Most people prefer to eat then actually go on a jog

  9. exactly! being skinny doesn’t make you healthier (even though being skinny doesn’t necessarly mean your diet is unhealthy), I don’t understand why people think that way.

  10. Yup! Definitely not low fat but less saturated fat and more MUFAs and PUFAs. Best eating pattern out there IMHO.

  11. I don’t know what she’s smirking about, someone must have told a pretty good joke just before the video.

  12. Just about anything is better than the typical American diet. Over and over we’ve heard that eating vegetables and fruits are better than most stuff you find in a drive-thru.

  13. Please stop talking with the vocal fry! Jeez. Why does everyone need to sound like the kardashians?!?!

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