Michael Phelps 12,000+cal Diet Challenge

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For those wondering/ don't believe this is possible, I am a Professional Competitive Eater, currently ranked #2 in the world. ( )
My belly is the size of your house.

This is the Michael Phelps Diet Challenge. The challenge is to eat what Michael Phelps claimed to have eaten on his days of training for the Olympics in one sitting.
The Challenge consists of….
– 5 Egg Omlet
– 3-Fried Egg & Cheese Sandwiches
– 3 Chocolate Chip Pancakes
– 3 French Toast w/ Powdered Sugar
– Large (4cups) Oatmeal w/ Blueberries
– 1+lbs of Pasta w/ Sause
– 2 Large Ham & Cheese Sandwiches w/ Extra Mayo
– 1+lbs of Pasta w/ Sause
– 16" XL Pepperoni Pizza
– Lots (5) Energy Drinks

The whole Diet clocks in at over 12,000 Calories!!! OMG

Can the Megatoad finish the entire meal (guessing 16lbs)?!?!?!?!?!
Also, the challenge was originally thought up by Furious Pete, so thank you for the idea!


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