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The NutriSystem program is a complete, real life solution to losing weight. It's a portion controlled weight loss program. They started out with weight loss centers but decided to change their strategy and become on line only. NutriSystem has often been compared to another weight loss program Jenny Craig but NutriSystem has one major advantage over its counterpart; it's far more affordable. This plan is based on the Gylcemic Index "good carb" foods with optimal amounts of protein to help keep you satisfied and your blood sugar levels stable, they refer to this as NutriSystem Nourish. Users of this program eat often during the day, and will always have perfect portions with every packaged entrée, snack, and dessert they receive. The plan also includes what they call MindNourish and BodyNourish to help get your mind and body set for weight loss, because NutriSystem knows it takes more that just what you eat to lose weight. You lose weight while learning healthy eating habits you can use every day for the rest of your life.

The NutriSystem Nourish program provides an on line analysis to calculate your calorie requirement. With this, your meal plans can be calculated and your meals will begin to be shipped. This kind of weight loss program has distinct advantages.

O Sustainable weight loss of around 2-3 pounds per week.

O Its based on the Glycemic Index.

O All of your meals are provided and delivered to you.

O There is on line support available with a membership in the program.

O You will be contacted by a weight loss counselor once you've subscribed.

O The portions of your food are controlled. For most members the calorie amounts will be 1200 however, it is possible for those members who are really active to be bumped up to a 1500 calorie per day.

O The membership is 100 percent free. The only part of the program that is paid for is the food.

O NutriSystem will provide you with a free meal planner and exercise program.

When NutriSystem says that their entire program is free there is no hidden fee's or costs. Here is just an example of what free means when you join this program.

O Unlimited Counseling and Support Services.

O New NutriSystem Nourish Catalog.

O The Daily Dose Motivational Message.

O Online Newsletter.

O Online Classes.

O Online Bulletin Boards and chat rooms.

O Online Weight Loss and fitness Diaries.

O Member Profile Section.

Yes you read this correctly and if you don't believe it read it again. At NutriSystem, you never pay extra for weight loss counseling or support. Once you sign up with their free membership they are for you to use as you wish for all the support and needs you will ever have in weight loss. If you're looking for a comprehensive weight loss program where you don't have to worry about cooking, shopping, counting points or calories, or figuring out meal plans then NutriSystem is the plan we would recommend.

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