Over 50 Diets

Weight Loss Tips for Women Over 50

Are you one of the growing tribe of women who have not let aging affect them in any manner? They continue to hold successful jobs and continue to look as beautiful as ever. Remember Jane Fonda who is over 50 in Monster-in-Law. Meryl Streep, aged above 50 continues to charm audiences with her power-packed performances and perfect looks.

The only way to age gracefully is to understand the aging process and take steps to counter it. The more you take care of yourself, the more it shows in your confidence and appearance. Women over 50 come with their own set of unique problems. You might already be going through menopause or the symptoms might be beginning to kick in. The risk of blood pressure, cholesterol and weight gain might be looming large.

Unique Requirements of Women over 5

Women over 50 are complaining of a slight gain in weight, although they have been sticking vigilantly to their exercise routine and diet. Slowing down in BMR or the Basal Metabolic Rate might be one of the reasons and the ever fluctuating hormone an other. So how do you counteract this?

Caloric Requirements for Women over 5

Doctors advise to continue making alterations with your diet keeping in mind your body requirements that undergo changes with age. It is acknowledged that a moderately active women over 50 needs a calorie intake of 1800. The maximum amount of calories you can cut down for a weight loss plan is 500 calories.

Women over 50 when making calorie restrictions must be careful to include sufficient amount of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Make cut downs on sugar intake. Sugar contains no nutrients and is what's commonly referred to as an empty calorie. This also helps in preventing the onset of diabetes.

Fats in the form of saturated fats and trans fat are very harmful. Diets rich in butter and cream are medically proven to increase cholesterol levels and put people in risk of heart diseases.

Another important aspect to a woman's diet over 50 is the inclusion of calcium and other minerals. Intake of calcium with vitamin D improves bone health and limits osteoporosis common among women over 50.

Exercises for Women over 5

The importance of exercises in the weight loss plan for a woman over 50 is undeniable.Exercises and being active helps you remain young for a longer time. They are found to be increasing beneficial in your mental well being too. Active women over 50, have managed to keep depression and other mental ailments at bay.

Women over 50 have a variety of exercise options to choose from for their weight loss program. Beginning from mild breathing exercises and rotating your joints like wrists, ankles, knees etc.. You can move to aerobic exercises that increase your heart beat thus improving you're the condition of your heart muscle. You can walk, jog, swim, dance or skip your way to a healthier heart.

It is also advisable to consult with a personal trainer before you embark on any exercise program.

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