Over Age 50 Diet Plan

How To Drop A Dress Size In 2 Weeks After Menopause

Women over 50 have moved into the menopausal stage of life and this makes for changes in the way the body handles fat loss and storage. After menopause, shifts in hormone levels make it easier for the woman's body to distribute fat around the waistline. Besides changing the way clothing fits, this also contributes to an increased risk of conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. By following this 2 week strategy you will be able to reset your fat burning hormones and boost your fat burning potential enough to drop a dress size.

2 Week Strategy to drop a dress size:

1. Eat low carb, with a twist. Low carb diets are effective for quick weight loss, but if followed for too long they can wreak havoc on your metabolism and bottom out your body's ability to burn fat. This is because low carb diets send warning flags to your body that you are not taking in sufficient amounts of its primary energy source, carbohydrates.

When this warning flag is raised your body drastically slows the production of fat burning hormones to prevent you from starving to death. To avoid this drop in hormones, you must take actions that convince the body that it is not starving and adding one high-calorie/high-carb meal per week will do the trick.

2. Taper carbohydrates during the week. You will benefit from a lower carb diet during the week with one higher carb meal added in; but, you can keep your body in an even better fat burning state by tapering your carbs up as you move toward your high carb meal.

To do this follow your high carb meal with two very low carb days. This should be under 50 grams of carbohydrates. This will help your body prevent fat storage and will boost fat burning. After those two days taper your carb intake upward about 10 to 20 carbs each day until you reach your high carb day.

3. Combine aerobic and resistance exercises. Loss of muscle mass is one of the reasons a woman's fat burning potential drops after menopause. To combat this loss it is important to exercise against resistance, which means using dumbbells, doing exercises against your body weight, or doing a physically demanding form of yoga.

To maximize the resistance training for both muscle growth and fat burning you want to perform resistance training the day after your high carb meal. At this time your muscles are filled with stored energy and your metabolism is peaked allowing your body to utilize the carbs you ate for energy.

For the remaining days of the week you can switch to an aerobic form of exercise of your choice including walking, jogging, dancing, biking or swimming.

Follow this plan for 2 weeks and you will notice your body burns fat more efficiently and you should be able to slip into that smaller dress size with ease.

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