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The effectiveness of any diet is proven by the amount of weight loss that occurs. However, a diet plan that causes a person to lose a lot of weight in a short span of time by resorting to drastic measures is not sustainable in the long run. The 1200 calorie diet plan does not guarantee any drastic weight loss but rather the base of this plan is a regulated calorie intake. The advantage of following this plan is that the dieter can loose weight without sacrificing their body's nutrition. The plan offers a wide variety of food options and this is probably the reason for its high success rate. When a person consumes less calories than they are expending, they will loose weight because the body will burn the stored fat in the system as a source of energy.

Boosting your metabolism is very important for the success of any diet. A low calorie diet keeps the body's metabolism running. When calories are consumed insulin is released into our system. Insulin is a hormone that processes glucose into the muscles and stores fat in our body. When we are on a low calorie diet there are very few calories for the body to burn and this deficiency causes the body to go into a ketosis state. Such a state is achieved when the body begins to burn or metabolize the stored fats as a source of energy.

The 1200 calorie diet does not specify the foods that the dieter should consume but higher success is likely if the diet includes fresh and unprocessed foods including vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains and lean proteins. Starchy vegetables like cabbage, beans and broccoli should be avoided as they cause the insulin level to rise tremendously. You can find a lot of sample plans online for free or you could refer to books that give information on this diet plan. It is a good idea to take the help of a calorie counting tool like a book or a computer program.

This diet has proved effective for many users and dieticians recommend following an exercise program along with this diet to boost its efficiency further. If the dieter selects wholesome foods then they are less likely to experience hunger. Since there are no specific foods specified in this diet it can be adapted to suit special diets of people such as vegetarians and diabetics. Quick initial weight loss motivates people to stick with this diet.

Since the dieter is not allowed to exceed the 1200 calorie limit, he or she must keep count of the calories consumed and this can prove to be cumbersome. Special care must be taken while choosing foods to make sure that there will be no nutritional deficiencies. This diet is not suitable for physically active people. One thing that will have to be kept in mind is that there is a risk of rebound weight gain when the calorie intake is increased.

Most diets have their own advantages and disadvantages. It is important to understand a diet plan thoroughly before embarking on it. Any diet needs dedication and perseverance for it to succeed. It is also important to follow the requirements carefully else you may be disappointed by its failure.

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