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Rabbit’s Diet – Teeny’s Tips

Bunny's Diet – Teeny's Tips. HRSS volunteer Teeny Teh discusses just what you ought to feed your pet bunny. For even more info on bunnies and rabbit treatment click on the link over.

Rabbit's Diet - Teeny's Tips Rabbit's Diet - Teeny's Tips. HRSS volunteer Teeny Teh talks about what you should feed your pet rabbit. For more info on rabbits and rabbit care click on the link above.
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Rabbit’s Diet – Teeny’s Tips — 31 Comments

  1. Good question, unfortunately we just buy the hay from Pet Lovers. It’s way too expensive, but no choice. If you find someone who supplies big bags of hay in SG, do let us know.

  2. Pet Lovers sell big bags of hay? Or is it the small bags? I will definitely look into hay suppliers if possible!

  3. Yes, rabbits can eat sunflower seeds.  However, if you feed sunflower seeds you need to be sure of a few things:
    They need to be hulled (that means removing the shell) as they are unable to properly digest the shells.
    The must be fed in moderation, consider them a treat.

  4. I found out that the best pellets are the industrial ones I get for about 300 Crowns (15 Dollars) for a 50 kg bag because one time I gave my rabbit 2 bowls: one with the cheap industrial pellets, and one with really expensive ones, from a pet store and he didn’t even touch those. Oh, and he goes crazy for bread. And watermelons.

  5. It’s not that big of a deal. I was eating salami and a piece dropped to the floor and my rabbit ate it up. Their instinct tells them what the can and cannot eat, and if it was bad for him, he wouldn’t eat it.

  6. +Solnechniy Zaychik whether your rabbit likes them isn’t always a good indicator of whether the pellets are good or bad because– your rabbit might like the cheap ones because they have lots of sugar and fat in them which is not good, the expensive pellets often are higher in fiber and have less fat and sugar so they are good for your rabbit but they don’t necessarily taste as good as the cheap ones.

  7. I get the brand All Living Things do you think that brand of pellets are good? Or no? Please answer, if I’m feeding my rabbit wrong I want to change his diet slowly.

  8. +Maria LoveCute Yea.. they do eat lettuce but it’s not good for them. That’s what she’s saying.

  9. Hey Teeny…I’m getting a rabbit soon and I plan on following your exact diet routine for sugar. I live in Michigan USA and I’m having trouble finding the exact greens you used. Any substitutions you would recommend?

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