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Suga's Diet plan Write-up.

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HEY GUYS! Consider supporting us here at HallyuBack by purchasing a painting 🙂 They are very reasonably priced, each piece is original and they make great gifts!

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Suga's Diet Article

Send letters to:
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The Red Tea Detox


SUGA’S DIET PLAN — 89 Comments

  1. Yeah but it’s still weird, it’s like an obsession lol (without being mean)

  2. chris mas “this has only to do with his face, not his health” Why can’t it be both? They’re not mutually exclusive. He said he wants to eat less junk food so how is that unhealthy? Even if he was doing it just because of appearance, as long as he’s healthy then why not? And please don’t try to argue that you know better than him what his normal/healthy weight is. He’s always been skinny. He doesn’t work out that much so he’s not muscular.

  3. still tho, when bts mentions diets it’s usually about not eating. which worries me

  4. +h is for hello thats true. They only eat when they are on tour. But the food they eat is unhealthy. So they need to go on a diet of healthy food instead of eating junk food while on tour. When they are in korea, its literally impossible to gain weight due to the image they have to keep up with

  5. Ri’AikaCröw He literally said himself he knows he’s underweight *and* that was said at the start of this video. There is **so** much more to an ed than just wanting to be skinny

  6. Bean Bag MyFartsSmellLikeJasmineTea not searching attention but I’m also diagnosed with an eating disorder and honestly, it’s so much more than just a broken relationship with food. It’s a freaking mental issue. And you’re struggling not only with food but also depression, insecurities etc. It’s horrible and an intense fight to conquer.. People should stop saying idols have an eating disorder as soon as they go on a diet – it’s a part of their culture and the kpop industry.


  8. Jimins Mcthighs the funny thing is is that you have to eat lots of fruits and veggies and protein to gain abbs.

  9. I’m 167cm and weigh 54 kg. Still I feel I need to lose weight and others have said I need to as well. does this make you sad?

  10. i’m late but lmao when yoongi diets, he doesn’t eat. he has mentioned before how he couldn’t sleep bc of how hungry he was. it’s definitely a concern

  11. Sofia North yes I’m like 165 and I weigh 60 kg ?? and my father calls me fat. You are perfect the way you are. Aren’t you underweight if you are 167 and weigh 54 kg ??? Don’t listen to the people that say that you need to lose weight ? #fighting

  12. Anyone can pull off a bucket hat.

    1) Put on a bucket hat
    2) Pull it off
    3) Give it to Hobi

  13. Hallyu Back Suga is perfect just the way he is and he doesn’t need a diet

  14. This makes me so dang mad bc everyone always gives him crud when they don’t know him for who he truly is

  15. I don’t have any ED but I do have BID. That’s something yoongi could have, not particularly an ED. Those two are completely different

  16. Mochi Mochy is that like body dysmorphia? its not very likely suga has that at all tbh, if you know how he was you’d see he doesn’t really show signs of that. unless bid is something completely different? ive never heard of it before, could you tell me a bit about it?

  17. Ri’AikaCröw probably I know y’all gonna be like nobody cares but I would starve myself because my family thinks I’m fat so I starved myself and would just drink water and maybe I would it a granola bar but sometimes I would try to Throw up my food,that was the start of my depression and I was only fucking 12 I am now 14 I don’t know how I feel now sometimes I get memories on what I went through for 2-3 years.

  18. Kellerfreundin
    Bless you for your comment, because many need to understand that a diet is not an eating disorder – two completely different things! Thank you?! I will hold your hand in prayer so that your struggle will only be a thing of the past! Fighting!

  19. those sound great but theyre too oily and people who are weight conscious should avoid those

  20. Everyone says I have a small head…but I have a big face :-/ well I think I do

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