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Colon Cleanser Drink – 4 Easily Homemade Colon Cleanser Drink Recipes

Colon cleansing often used to improve digestion, remove accumulation of dirt, ease inflammation, increased mineral absorption from food and reduce constipation. The colon is strength to various diseases and infections if free of toxins. There are some colon cleanser drink recipes you can easily made in the privacy of your own home to clean the colon without chemicals. Remember to stay hydrated while cleansing the colon, drink plenty of water and take a multivitamin every day to replace the nutrients that can handle the time it cleans.

1. Vegetable Juice Cleanser.

Vegetables are a natural way to repair and clean the intestinal tissue. The vegetables contain high amounts of fiber, which when combined with water, swell and travel through the intestines. As the fibers travel, took poison and intestines and carry them outside the body. You should buy fresh vegetables and juice yourself, if possible, optimum freshness. Juice and mix with 6 oz of celery juice, 1 oz. Wheat grass, 1 oz. Spinach juice, 1 oz. Cabbage juice and 1 oz. Parsley or alfalfa sprouts. You can drink this juice several times a day, if necessary.

2. Fruit Juice Cleanser.

The second intense colon cleansing drink recipe is by mixing two tablespoons. Flaxseed, ½ banana, ½ ripe papaya, 2 tbsp. Wheat or barley grass powder, 2 tbsp. Acidophilus and 1 to 2 cups pure water, according to the alternative health website, ProfessorsHouse.com.

Acidophilus is made of live and active cultures, it is found in natural yogurt. Acidophilus "friendly bacteria" are found to fight bad bacteria in the colon to adjust inconsistencies and against yeast overgrowth and toxins. Is found in natural food stores and should be refrigerated after opening. This colon cleansing drinks can be taken twice a day for your time.

3. Raisin Drink Recipe.

You can make a high-fiber drink taking about 200 mg of senna, white sultana raisins and rose hip extract. You can find them in most of health food stores. White sultana raisins steamed in 1 liter of water. Repeat with the senna. Infuse both liquids for 30 minutes, then filtering them. Mix the two liquids in a 2.5 liter bottle, and add rose hip extract into a bottle. Add boiling water to fill the bottle, and let cool. Keep the mixture in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight. Drink 100 ml of the mixture each day for 16 days to cleanse the colon.

4. Acai Berry Drink Recipe.

Acai Berry has been known as a "super food" and was sworn by many as a miracle weight loss and cleanse berry. Besides being a powerful way to lose weight and colon cleanse, Acai berries can also be a tasty beverage or smoothie. The following steps provide a great way to enjoy a glass of Acai Berry.

Buy Fresh Acai Berry. To start you have to buy your main ingredient, which of course Acai Berry. If you live in an area that provides fresh Acai fruit then by all means use for drinking. If you do not have access to fresh Acai berries, you need to buy the Acai pulp either online or in stores.

Assemble Additional Ingredients.

• 20 ounces of Acai Pulp.

• 1 cup orange juice.

• 1 / 2 cup vanilla yogurt.

• 1 / 2 cup frozen strawberries.

• 1 / 2 cup frozen blueberries.

• 5 ice cubes.

Mix them together. Pour the orange juice, with the discharge of Acai berry pulp, yogurt, fruit and ice. At this point you can add an optional scoop of whey protein. When everything in a blender, just turn and mix everything together.

Experience the Benefits. Acai berry drinks make your meal and experience the endless benefits of Acai. The benefits are not limited to weight, but also include the improvement of health as a whole due to the high concentration of antioxidants.

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