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Using Laxatives to Lose Weight

Will laxatives help to lose weight? I often hear women asking about the use of laxatives to lose weight. Now since a huge amount of women do battle with irregular colons, it does seem that laxatives are the easy way fro them to solve a multitude of problems at once, but is it the answer or just the beginning to another nightmare?

An irregular colon can cause you to gain weight due to the excess time that the body takes to dispose of food through your system. The build of up faeces in your colon contributes to weight gain on the scale as well as the fact that the colon has just that extra amount of time to draw nutrients and fats out of the faeces as they make their way through your system.

The toxic waste that lies in the faeces poses another huge problem. As the waste lies in your colon it slowly becomes toxic and so your body start to absorb some of these toxins resulting in a sluggish metabolism and also the possibility that the toxins can make you sick. Pimples, fever blisters, low immune system and many other sicknesses are attributed to poor colons.

Is it not amazing that the predominant cancer types in men and women are all situated near to the colon. Prostrate cancer in men and cervix cancer in women are rife and these vital organs are very close to the colon.

Laxatives are not the answer.

When you try to combat a sluggish colon by using laxatives, you are merely introducing another evil to your system. Laxatives have a tendency to reduce effect in a short period of time and so you find yourself constantly increasing dosages to gain the same effect. In severe cases there are some Bulimics who initially started to use laxatives to purge a little extra weight and eventually find that they are using as many as 70 or more laxatives a day merely to keep their colon working.

When laxatives purge your system, they not only flush waste out, but also remove a whole lot of essential fluids and minerals with them. Over use of laxatives will result in a severe imbalances in body minerals as well as the tendency swell and bloat as a result of water retention. Any fluids taken into the body are immediately retained in the bodies attempt to counteract the flushing process.

What is the answer?

First and foremost, let us look at facts. 95% of people who battle with colon problems are battling because they eat the wrong foods. These wrong foods are also mostly the reason why they are gaining weight. When you eat the correct foods, your colon will automatically improve in function and so the food will be flushed out naturally and weight gain will be prevented.

Fruit are a sadly neglected part of most of our diets and yet fruit is one of the best ways to flush your system. Taking fruit on an empty stomach results in the natural Hydrogen peroxide contained in the fruit going to work and cleaning out your colon.

Sadly the poor diets that you have had in the past will have taken its toll on your metabolism and will have resulted in your having less energy than you should have as well as seeming to gain weight very quickly. It would probably appear to you as if you just look at food you will gain weight. Traditional diets no longer seem to help and if they do help you to lose a pound, the minute you stop the diet you gain 2 pounds.

In order to correct this problem and to get your body working properly again, laxatives will not help but will aggravate the problem. It would be far more beneficial to follow a special diet, such as the one that has been designed by the nutritional experts at Phen375, to speed up your metabolism and to get your body functioning at optimum levels again.John Foster is a well known and respected expert in issues pertaining to effective weight loss and products for weight loss. Reviews of effective weight loss products and sytem by John can be found at his review site Http://www.fatweightlossreview.com

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