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Benefits of Exercising During Pregnancy

The choices that you make each day while you are pregnant can affect your health as well as the health of your baby. The benefits of exercising during pregnancy are many, and is well worth your time. If you are active now, do not let pregnancy slow you down. If you have not been active, now is a good time to start. Exercise can help prepare your body for labor and delivery. It will give you a head start in getting back in shape after the baby is born. Some exercises can even help you relieve pregnancy-related aches and pains. It is important to choose an exercise program that is safe for you, and always remember to talk to your doctor to make sure you don't have any limitations.

Most any form of exercise is safe if it is done with caution and in moderation. Make sure and start your work out routine with slow low impact exercises such as walking, cycling or swimming. Be sure to wear the correct shoes for your sport and wear a good sports bra that fits well to support your growing breasts. Drink plenty of water, keep a bottle of water close by, if you feel you are getting too hot, or feeling thirsty, take a break and drink more water. Make sure and begin your workout with stretching and warming up for 5 minutes to prevent muscle strain. Slow walking or riding a stationary bike are good warm ups. Get up slowly after lying or sitting, this will keep you from feeling dizzy or fainting. Once you are standing, walk in place for a few minutes.

Follow intense exercise with cooling down for 5-10 minutes. Slow your pace down little at a time and end your workout by stretching gently. Don't stretch too far though, as this can injure the tissue that connects your joints. By following a simple workout routine, you will start to feel the benefits of exercising during pregnancy. Some of the things you will notice are: increase in energy, relief in constipation, leg cramps, bloating and swelling. Exercising will lift your spirits, help you relax and improve your posture, and that is not to mention promote muscle tone and stamina, control gestational diabetes and improve sleep. With all the benefits of exercising during pregnancy, and choosing to live a healthy life style for you and your baby, doesn't it make sense to get started now?

Paula Snyder is mom, business owner and author.Did you know 90% of what pregnant women fear, can be eliminated by simply keeping themselves informed? Learn not only about the benefits of exercising during pregnancy, but everything you need to know to lead a healthy lifestyle for you and your baby in my complete pregnancy report.

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