The Red Tea Detox

THE DIET PLAN | Macros, Cardio, Supplements, EVERYTHING!

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———- INDEX ———-.
1:03 – Intro.
3:05 – Macros.
8:30 – Cardio.
13:06 – IIFYM or "Tidy" Consuming?
16:22 – Intermittent Fasting.
17:54 – Dish Timing.
18:58 – Carbohydrate Cycling.
20:12 – Changes to Training.
21:57 – Fiber.
22:57 – Micronutrients.
24:14 – Refeeds and/or Diet regimen Breaks.
26:47 – Water/Sodium Control.
29:45 – Supplements.


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THE DIET PLAN | Macros, Cardio, Supplements, EVERYTHING!

➢ My Training Program:
➢ Online Coaching:

1:03 - Intro
3:05 - Macros
8:30 - Cardio
13:06 - IIFYM or "Clean" Eating?
16:22 - Intermittent Fasting
17:54 - Meal Timing
18:58 - Carb Cycling
20:12 - Changes to Training
21:57 - Fiber
22:57 - Micronutrients
24:14 - Refeeds and/or Diet Breaks
26:47 - Water/Sodium Manipulation
29:45 - Supplements


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The Red Tea Detox


THE DIET PLAN | Macros, Cardio, Supplements, EVERYTHING! — 23 Comments

  1. What a great way to explain dieting. Straight forward info without the bro science myths.
    Huge respect to you Igor.

  2. This guy’s videos are great. So much research and personal experience going into them. Plus they are articulated and illustrated beautifully. This video is even better than his average. So fucking good. Love it.

  3. thanks is a very small word to describe how grateful I am for knowledge u share

  4. Yo with no meal timing that will ruin your digestive track. Just to let you know

  5. I don’t know if you will see this or respond, but I am sort of a lazy person just getting into fitness. I do Mon, Wed, Fri 20 minutes of HI/T swimming in a pool. I sprint a certain stroke (freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke, butterfly, arms only, legs only, etc.) for 20 seconds, then rest 20 seconds x3 then rest 60 seconds for 20 minutes. I like it because it only takes 20 minutes as opposed to jogging/walking 5 miles….so I don’t do any slow cardio at all because I am lazy. Then Tues/Thurs/Sat I do the 5×5 training method with StrongLifts app Bench Press/Squats/Barbell Row and OH Press/Squats/Deadlift alternating every other workout. I like these workouts because it doesn’t take very long to do 5 reps 5 times so the whole workout is maybe 30 minutes or 45 minutes roughly, not a huge investment, again because I am sort of lazy and don’t like the idea of pulling 8 hour gym days or working out 4x a day like MMA fighters or whatever. Am I doing too much cardio? Too little lifting? Is my regiment ok? I think I will do a cut first because I am “skinny fat” but more like…kind of actually fat…

    Oh yeah, I am prepping for a competition a few years out because since I am starting from nothing it will take time to grow…everything, but it is not a bodybuilder competition. It is the Blizzcon cosplay competition but I want to go as Zul’jin based on the Heroes of the Storm model…and since he wears almost no clothes 90% of the “cosplay”/”costume” must be my body, to be as close to the “real” (he’s a made up person…so not actually real), as possible. Also I’ve always low key wanted to look like Goku and stuff anyway for my whole life, so I am not doing body building competitions but other competitions where I want to look as close to the model/target character as possible.

  6. What is Fenoboci Diet Plan? We have heard several amazing things about this popular weight loss diet plan.

  7. The thing with meal timing ins’t entirely false. You do want to focus carbs in the morning and early lunches to burn most of them for energy.

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