The Insulin-Resistance Diet–Revised and Updated: How to Turn Off Your Body’s Fat-Making Machine


Conquer insulin resistance. Lower food cravings. Eat your favored foods. And also reduce weight!

If you have tried every diet and also are still dealing with your weight, the actual culprit might be insulin resistance. When you have extra glucose compared to your body requirements, your body reacts by generating even more insulin to support your blood glucose level as well as shop the excess glucose as fat. In The Insulin-Resistance Diet, Cheryle R. Hart and also Mary Kay Grossman reveal you ways to regulate insulin resistance as well as drop weight without sacrificing all your favored foods.

Get rid of insulin resistance and also lose weight with: The special Link-and-Balance Eating Method, which balances carbohydrates with the correct amount of healthy protein at the right time for maximum weight management Self-tests to establish your insulin resistance and also check your progression with linking and also balancing Real-world methods for eating at residence and out on the town Easy-to-make, delicious recipes and livable meal plans