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Victoria’s Secret Angel Lily Aldridge Shares Diet And Fitness Tips

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Marianna Hewitt spoke with a few of the Victoria's Secret Angels, as well as they recognize a point or 2 concerning how you can look excellent in a swimsuit. Their personal Lily Aldridge is offering us some tips on ways to look terrific for the summertime.

Victoria's Secret Angel Lily Aldridge Shares Diet And Fitness Tips

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Marianna Hewitt interviewed some of the Victoria's Secret Angels, and they know a thing or two about how to look good in a bikini. Their very own Lily Aldridge is giving us some tips on how to look great for the summer.
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Victoria’s Secret Angel Lily Aldridge Shares Diet And Fitness Tips — 21 Comments

  1. theres sumthing ther not tellin us shes extremley skiny how can she even eat carbs

  2. Carbs give you tons of energy and you can exercise as much, and other fatty foods will just make you hungry and needy for energy so it makes sense 🙂 u should check out Freele the Banana Girl on youtube!

  3. +sumone Brown Do not check out that Banana Girl, I am a naturopath and an acupuncturist and I certainly do not condone her diet. Eating over 50 bananas a day is not healthy, especially for the majority of the population. There is so much more wrong with her dietary advice than just the bananas. She also comes across as very negative.

  4. +poisxe she does not eat that much. On some days tho she only eats bananas, and yes, reaches that number. But usually she eats a variety of fruits (in big amounts).

  5. +Emi Pooh honestly Lily needs to carb up. All she eats is fish and veggies, which are both nearly carb free, but she craves carbs, obvsly bc she is lacking carbs

  6. They lie, all the main angels have a catering business to bring them all their meals each day, to make sure they don’t eat too much or get deficient. You can order it yourself if you have the cash for it.

  7. People who say they don’t eat are idiots. It’s called get up and work. Oh my god, you’re saying that someone is eating VEGETABLES?? I CALL BULLSHIT! (if you don’t get my sarcasm, just leave)

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