Weight Loss: Diet and Running Plan to Simply Lose 1-2 Pounds Per Week (Running, Lose Weight Fast, Running for Weight Loss, Lose Weight, Weight Loss Motivation, Fat Loss)

Do you want to lose weight consistently and at a realistic pace? This book is for you!

This book will provide you with the background information that you need to start on a healthy and balanced weight loss journey, based on losing one to two pounds per week.

First, we will start by getting you into the right mindset to start your weight loss journey and be a success. We will discuss how to determine whether you need to lose weight: many of us tend to be in denial about our true weight status, and this book will provide some objective ways in which to determine whether you have a weight problem. Next, we will talk about some of the obstacles to weight loss that may exist in your life, and how to overcome them.

In Chapter 2, we will talk about basic nutrition and diet. This chapter will cover the types of foods that you should focus on including in your diet, and discuss the basic premise of weight loss: burning more calories than you ingest. We will look at how to calculate the number of calories that you burn in a day, and how to figure out the calories that you need to eat in a day in order to achieve your goal of losing one to two pounds per week.

Next, we will go into some of the common bad habits that people tend to have that prevent weight loss or contribute to weight gain, and we will look at some tips and tricks that you can use in order to overcome those bad habits and be successful in achieving your weight loss goals.

Socializing with your friends and family is an important part of life, and you do not need to give it up just because you have decided to eat healthily and focus on losing weight. Chapter 4 will give you some guidance as to how to eat out and socialize while sticking to your balanced, low-calorie diet.

Once you have a thorough understanding of basic nutrition concepts and how to ensure that you are eating healthily, we will discuss starting your exercise program. While there are many different exercise options available to you, this book will discuss how to incorporate running into your weight loss plan.

Finally, we will go through a sample daily meal plan, so that you will have an idea of how to go about setting up your own, and making sure to meet your body’s nutritional requirements while staying within your determined calorie allowance.

After reading this book, you will be well-equipped with the knowledge to safely and healthily combine nutrition and exercise and achieve your goal of losing one to two pounds per week.

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Getting Ready for ChangeDiet and Nutrition BasicsTips and Tricks for Weight LossMixing Weight Loss and SocializingRunning for Weight LossSample Meal Plan

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