Weight Loss: Leptin Resistance Diet Secrets: 25 Proven Leptin Diet Recipes for Rapid Weight Loss, Health & Vitality (Delicious Meals & Recipes for Hormone Balance, Weight Control, and Fat Loss)

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I know, it's difficult right? I mean, a lot of people struggle to find a fat loss solution that works. They try diet after diet but fail miserably time and time again. And, worse off, the lucky few people who actually lose it quickly regain the weight and many times, even more than what they lost! Why does this happen? Why does it seem that some people are able to pull it off? Is it their genes? Do they simply eat healthy all of the time and workout 7 days a week? The answer is a little known secret called the leptin resistance.

This book will quickly and easily teach you about the truth behind the leptin diet so you can start losing weight…permanently. It will also show you how it can help you live healthier through clean eating and how to control the leptin hormone and use it to your advantage, allowing you to eat what you want without the guilt!

What you’ll learnWhat leptin resistance is and how to manage and prevent it so you can have the lean and firm body you've always wantedWhat the leptin hormone is and how it will keep your weight loss under controlTips on how to keep your leptin hormones at a healthy level so you can perform at your bestWhat types of delicious and nutritious food to eat when following the leptin diet25 healthy & delicious recipes for rapid weight lossAnd so much more!
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